Assist in French education system


  • Project: Primary Schools of Guichen
  • Location: Pont-Réan, France
  • Deadline for application:
  • Project dates: 01.10.2020 – 30.06.2021 (9  months)
  • Number of volunteers: 2

The town of Guichen.Pont-Réan

The town-hall of Guichen.Pont-Réan administrates both towns of Guichen and Pont- Réan. These two little towns of 8400 inhabitants in total, are distant of 4,5 km from each other, and belong to a semi-rural area 20 km on the south side of Rennes, a big student city of the West of France (Region Bretagne).

Guichen.Pont-Rean is a young town area, with a lot of families, so that there are about 1000 pupils in the primary schools of the town (we have 2 private and 3 public primary schools). Many sports and cultural clubs and associations are also based on the area, as well as the equipements of a small town : medical services, a cinema, sports equipments, a cultural centre, a music school and a good library. The nature around Guichen is also very nice, it is the perfect place to make nice walks along rivers and in green areas.

The volunteering places :

3 public Primary schools of the town, and the Youth Service, for children from 2 to 11 years old The volunteers’s missions will be done for the primary school children of the town, from 2 to 11 years old.

There are 3 public primary schools in the town : two in Guichen (schools « Charcot » and « Callunes »), and one in Pont-Réan (Marcel Greff). A « Youth Service » (« Clad Ufcv ») proposes activities to the pupils in connection with the schools on mornings, evenings, Wednesday afternoon (school is off on that moment), and during the school holidays. This service is run by the association Ufcv, but is part of the politic of the town. Finally, two associations of parents support the schools in organizing actions to get some fundings for the pedagogical projects.

The volunteers hosted in Guichen.Pont-Rean will do their missions in the public primary schools :

– School « Ecole Charcot » : 420 pupils, 18 teachers for 17 classes, including one for handicapped children ;

– School « Ecoles des Callunes » : 220 pupils in 9 classes with 9 teachers ;

– School « Ecole Marcel Greff »: 170 pupils inn 7 classes for 7 teachers),

– and in the Youth Service « Clad Ufcv » of the town which participates to the extra-curricular activities of the 3 schools with a team of 35 youth leaders.


We would like to host 2 volunteers, who will be active on the 3 schools and the Youth Service : On the first months s(from October to December), the volunteers will go to all the missions places, according to a weekly schedule, for example :

– One volunteer will be hosted 3 days a week in the school Callunes, one day in the Youth Service and one day together with the other volunteer in the school Marcel Greff.

– The second volunteer will be hosted 3 days a week in the school Charcot, one day in the Youth Service and one day together with the other volunteer in the school Marcel Greff.

After the Christmas holidays, the planning will be adapted to the schools and volunteers projects, with longer periods in one school only. The volunteers will have the opportunity to build some projects together, and some projects alone (always with the support of the schools and the Youth Service).

Missions in the schools : The volunteers will participate to all the classes, from the kindergarten until the « CM2 » (upper level before Secondary school), according to the on-going pedagogical projects. Their activities with the children could be, for example : dances, music, cooking, crafts, linguistic activities (first steps for the language of the volunteer and english), discovering the volunteer’s country. Other activities will be about French learning, as we want to test the pupils in the position of being teachers to the volunteers, to support them in the language learning. The volunteers will also participate to the special events of the schools (evenings with the pupils parents, special school projects, end-of-the-year Day, and the school trips. Finally, we would like the volunteer to propose their own projects or activities, according to their own skills and centers of interest.

In the Youth Service (Clad Ufcv) : The volunteers will participate to the educative Activities organised by the Clad inside the schools. These activities are organized every semester for groups of pupils who choose their own activity among a list : games, sports, crafts, theatre, magic… The volunteers will be able to propose their own activity when they will feel secure enough to do so. In that case, they will be supported by a youth leader. The volunteers will also participate to the youth activities on Wednesdays afternoons, when school is off (but the children whose parents are working go there) : sports, crafts, .. They will also participate to the special events, like Halloween, the festival « Frapidays ». If they want to, they will be able to participate to the school holidays projects.

The volunteers will be supported in their personnal projects. We would appreciate that the volunteers propose projects creating a link between the 3 schools and the Youth Service.

Working days and hours :Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday : 8 :15-12 :15 / 14 :15-16 :30 Wednesday : 8 :15-12 :15 / 14 :15-17 :30

The volunteers will have the school holidays (Autumn, Christmas, February, Easter)

French Language

According to the ESC rules, the volunteers will have access to the OLS (Online Language Support) according to their level in French. Inside the schools, we also want to invite the volunteers to the lessons of French of the pupils, and to develop their own competences to teach French (grammar, vocabulary) to the volunteers, with the help of the teacher, as a « win-win » exercise.

Profile of the volunteers

We would like to host 2 volunteers from different nationalities. The volunteers should be motivated to work with primary school children (from 3 to 11 years old), and to learn French. Volunteers with special skills or personal projects are welcome. The volunteers should be aware that Guichen is a small city in a rural area, although it is not far from with Rennes (dynamic city, about 20 km from Guichen).

Practical arrangements 

Accomodation: The volunteers will be hosted in an individual studio in a home for young people, so that they can meet other youth. The studios are fully furnished. The residence is in Guichen.

Local Transport: The house of the volunteers is about 20 mn walk from the schools Charcot and Callunes, and the Clad. To go to the school Marcel Greff in Pont-Réan, the volunteer will take a bus.

Guichen is about 20km from the big city Rennes. There are buses going there easily, not far away from the volunteers house, however there are no buses coming back late in the evening. If the volunteers want, they will be able to get a bicycle, lent by the schools.

Board: The volunteers will eat in the restaurants of the schools from Monday to Friday (excepted during the school holidays). For the rest of the meals, the volunteers will get 200€ per month of Service.

Pocket Money: The volunteers will get pocket money according to the ESC amounts for volunteers in France (about 180€ / month). The food and pocket money (200+180=380€) will be reversed every month to the volunteer on a local bank account.


The volunteers will be supported by the primary school teachers and by the youth leaders of the Youth Service, who will support the volunteer in their pedagogical activities, inside the schools and on the extra-curricular moments. They are used, through their profession, to pay attention to the language learnings, to the cultural opening, to the human experience of their pupils, so they will be able to use these compétences in supporting the volunteer in his own learnings. They will also be able to support the volunteer in their pedagogical and educative projects, on the formal education side (schools) and non formal education side (youth service). Some of the teachers also speak english, which will make easier the adaptation of the volunteers on their arrival. On another side, the parents of the pupils will be integrated into the project (through the parents associations, or during some special moments) in order to make easier the integration of the volunteers into the local area. Finally, one of these children’s parents, Lydia Aubin, belongs to the pool of trainers of the French Erasmus + National Agency for the EVS and ESC, supports the project on pedagogical and process matters. She will be the contact person for the volunteer and the sending organization before the arrival, and all along during the project.


Apply by sending us your CV and Motivation letter (with the subject of your email as “School in Bretagne”) on