We are looking for two volunteers (age: 22-30) for a one-year project in Ejstrupholm Denmark

Duration: one year

Date: January 2019 – June 2020

Place: Ejstrupholm Denmark

Description of the project:

The school is located in the little town of Ejstrupholm and the school is easily accessed by bus with links to the train both to Aarhus, the 2nd biggest city in Denmark, and Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The school currently has room for 134 students at our school with fairly equal balance between girls and boys and the students live and study at the school for one year only. The students are living away from home for the best part of a year and are expected to participate in a small community, where teamwork is very important considering that the students live, work, clean and eat together at the school. Any volunteer would be expected to also play a vital role in this community and quickly develop a personal, yet professional relationship to the students.

Main tasks:

The volunteers will have work as teacher assistants in the classes. There will be morning, evening and weekend duties. The volunteers will be arranging extra curricular activities for the students and assisting in the teaching of language and creative lessons.


The volunteers will live in a share house with another volunteer close to the “efterskole”.

The volunteer will be eimbursemed for the travel costs.

Interested candidates are asked to send their CV and Motivation letter to advit_team@yahoo.com with the subject “Project in Denmark”

Deadline for application: 16.09.18