“Digitizing rural entrepreneurship” is a project that took place in TSAGHKADZOR, ARMENIA (04-15 November 2017); it is based on an innovative approach of combining non-formal education in the field of entrepreneurship and digital literacy with outdoor activities (in particular hiking). The main aim was to provide practical entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, encourage youth mobility, and develop digital competencies and sense of entrepreneurship among youth coming from rural areas. The participants were young people aged between 18 and 30 from Norway, Armenia, Latvia, Georgia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, and Bulgaria.

The purpose of the project was to boost peer-to-peer learning of participants by providing an informal platform of self-expression and stimulating each participant’s involvement in everyday management, organization, evaluation and assessment of the whole youth exchange.

“Digitizing rural entrepreneurship” concentrated on the emergency of providing necessary Entrepreneurial and managerial competencies to rural young people who can further start their Business and promote it using state of the art digital tools. Through several practical sessions that we have organized improved our digital competencies, enhanced our toolbox with modern apps, services and platforms.

 The main objectives of the project were:

  • Encourage active citizenship and develop sense of entrepreneurship;
  • Increase participants’ awareness about micro economical youth opportunities (micro-credits, international donor organizations, business angels, crowdfunding campaigns, etc.);
  • Enrich participants’ digital competencies;
  • Explore the possibilities of the Erasmus + program as a tool for youth employment, mobility and entrepreneurship;
  • Identify the competencies that they can obtain through European non-formal learning projects and their certification by Youthpass;
  • Increase cultural awareness; stimulate tolerance, mutual understanding, boost intercultural Interactions between

This project helped us to understand how important is to be aware of digitals and their massive role in our society. Definitely, we`ll use all the knowledge gained throughout the project.

Some impressions:

Olga Braileanu:

„It was an impressive youth exchange. I liked it. I had the opportunity to develop the sense of entrepreneurship. Most of all I enjoyed sessions about digital tools. I feel that I have enriched these competencies and I am going to use in my everyday life and future projects.”



Noroc Ana:” If you want to build a family, you have to unite two loving hearts or unite 50 people in the same place and give a common task.

What is the objective of a youth exchange? For me is very simple and clear- love- not the feeling among a family or between a man and a woman but the feeling towards unknown people that in 10 days became a part of your heart? How to check it out? Think about a person from the project… if you care about his or her future and you want him to be happy, it means that you really care and that person will have always a special place in your heart and memories. This project gave to me a beautiful lesson. I have said it to many people and   I want to tell it to you. Do you know what does mean teamwork wrote it in many essays, in my CV, but only some days ago I understood what does mean the teamwork? This is a huge advantage when you can rely on somebody when you do not know something- you learn, this means equality. When everyone has the right to be listened and you have the responsibility not only for you but for the entire group.”

Article written by Natalia Istrati.