Improve your communication skills between the generations in Latvia


  • Organization: Rezekne pensioner social and health care center
  • Supporting organisation in Latvia: European Association “World-Our Home”
  • Location: Rezekne, Latvia
  • Deadline for application: 5th of July
  • Project dates: 1st of August 2020 – 1st of August 2021 (12 months)
  • Number of volunteers: 2


The project objectives are the following: to give young people opportunities to learn new set of professional skills, gain experience in leadership, team building and communication, develop intercultural dialogue and cooperation between young people and local inhabitants for better employment opportunities in the future.
Through this project we want to promote solidarity between nations, to integrate and unite the European volunteers and local young people, promoting European cultures, languages and European Solidarity Corps programme, as well as to make changes in young people’s life and environment around them.

2 volunteers will work in Rezekne Pensioner Social and Health Care Center from 1st August 2020 – 1st August 2021. Their tasks will be to make the retirement age people’s life more interesting and active, help them to gain personal and social awareness. Volunteers and the staff working in the center will learn from each other, gain mutual understanding, will make the link between younger and older generation, as well between different nationalities. Volunteers will work also in the Pensioner Day Center, where they will promote the integration of pensioners and young people with disabilities into European society, raise their knowledge of the processes taking place in Europe, promote intercultural dialogue, understanding of the diversity of nations, languages, cultures, provide information on what is happening in their native country, and provide intercultural education. In the center there is a friendly pensioners’ group- active and joyful people who like to spend time together, celebrate the holidays, make handicraft etc. Volunteers will need to bring their enthusiasm and energy into events, sharing their culture and traditions.
Volunteers will give English, German, English, Spanish, French lessons (depending on their own native languages). They will organize informatics classes, cookery, sport lessons for seniors and young people with disabilities. Volunteers will be able to intensively practice Russian and Latvian in the center. Volunteers will gain non-formal learning while doing their work by communicating with their colleagues, other volunteers and local people.

The volunteer will have 7 working hours every working day. The volunteer will have two days off per week on Saturday and Sunday. Volunteer will participate in on-arrival and mid-term trainings organized by Latvian National Agency.
Volunteer will have access to the online Latvian language course.
Volunteer will be able to do other creative activities in the city, cooperate with other volunteers from different cities and organisations.


Volunteers will live in the flat together with other volunteers from different countries. Flat will be equipped with all necessary household appliances, facilities.


Food allowance: 120 Eur per month

Pocket Money: 4 Eur per day

Travel costs: Reimbursed up till 275 Eur (both ways)

ABOUT European Association “World-Our Home”:

European Association “World-Our Home” is an NGO active at European level working in youth, social, educational and cultural fields since 1999. The main aim of Association is promotion of European active citizenship, solidarity, multiculturalism, human rights and other values as well as non-formal education on local, regional and European level. The organization is busy with European youth exchange projects, seminars, trainings, international cultural projects. The organization actively participates in Erasmus +, Europe for Citizens, EEA Grants programmes. WOH is a hosting, sending and coordinating in EVS programme. The organization gives people the opportunity to learn foreign languages and get acquainted with different cultures in order to get European awareness, to gain more possibilities for social integration into the European community and make successful choice in their career. EA “World Our Home” joins youth organisations around Europe and it has a strong cooperation with public and
education institutions and other European networks.

ABOUT Rezekne:

Rezekne is a city in the Rēzekne River valley in Latgale region of eastern Latvia. It is called The Heart of Latgale (Latvian Latgales sirds, Latgalian Latgolys sirds). Built on seven hills, Rezekne borders with Russia, Lithuania and Byelorussia. It has become a border city between EU, NATO and the Eastern states. Rezekne is located 242 km from the state capital Riga, 685 km from Moscow, 450 km from St. Petersburg, and 860 km from Warsaw. It has a population of 31,216 making it the 7th largest city in Latvia.

Check out the video made by Rezekne Tourism Agency:


Apply by sending us your CV and Motivation letter (with the subject of your email as “Rezekne Latvia”)  on