From 15th to 18th of March the facilitators from the training course “Let’s Explore Intercultural Competence with YOU(th)” met in Vadul lui Vota, Moldova for an evaluation seminar. The first day focused on reconnecting with the participants and on discussing the expectations, motivation, approach, methodology and programme of the finished course in order to reflect on them.

On day two the participants visualized their course experience in form of a comic on every month of the project. After a self reflection on different trainer competences according to the European Training Strategy, the participants of the evaluation seminar made their skills, passions and strenths as well as their gainings from their intercultural experience visible by drawing a flower with one petal for each bulletpoint. Afterwards they presented their work to the whole group.

The third day was used for sharing the volunteers’ experiences as a trainer and for planning for change and affirming a positive image of the future. With the help of different stages the participants spoke about their potential, where they want to stand in 2020, about their success and about the steps they took or will take to achieve the latter. In the end, the outcome and the feelings during the game where discussed.

Finally, the last day of the seminar was used to plan further steps that might follow the project and to evaluate both, the seminar and the whole project.