2 EVS projects in Sweden, choose the organization where you would like to volunteer!

This call if for residents of Moldova, aged between 18-30. All the costs for this projects are covered within Erasmus+ Programme.

Description of the organization nr.1 – Föreningen Staffansgården

Staffansgården was founded in1975, as part of the international Camphill Movement and is situated in the small town Delsbo. Staffansgården consists of a village where about 30 adults with different mental disabilities live together in smaller units, each in their own, self-contained, flat. The aim of Staffansgården is to give adults with mental disabilities support in their daily life and offer them a meaningful existence. With the help of employed staff, our villagers (as the residents in need of special care are called), live and work in four different places: Staffansgården and Backvägen in Delsbo; Dellengården 13km away near the North Dellen and Mickelsgården, a farm just two kilometers outside Delsbo. There are several daytime activities and some of the villagers work with things such as gardening, farming (there is a small farm in the village) and in different art workshops, in a bakery, weavery and carpentry/wood workshop. They have also access to several forms of therapy. There are about 80 employees at Staffansgården.

Description of the organization nr.2 – Mullsjö folkhögskola

Mullsjö folk high school is a folk high school situated in the small community of Mullsjö, close to the bigger town Jönköping in the south of Sweden. A folk high school is a school from the typically Scandinavian philosophy of using non-formal education methodology, which host adult students studying regular high schools subjects, as well as thematic courses, such as art, music or sports. There are about 150 students at the Mullsjö folk high school (all above the age of 18 years), and 40 employees. The school offers many different courses, from general courses equivalent to secondary school, but also international courses, courses in arts, IT etc. It was founded in 1950 and the school is in an environment free from drugs, with the guiding principle that everyone has got an inviolable value. Mullsjö folk high school aims to focus on the individual and emphasizes the capacity of self-fulfilment of each person. The school is part of the foundation called “Svenska Alliansmissionen”, but also receives funds from the government. Mullsjö folk high school is very interested in global issues and has several projects and cooperation’s with organizations and schools in other countries. There are almost 150 “folk high schools” in Sweden and they complement university programs and focus on the needs of the students and their previous experiences. The folk high schools offer an opportunity to study different subjects, in smaller groups and with a great possibility to interact themselves. Another difference from other schools and universities is that the different folk high schools can have different ideologies and different focus areas. The Mullsjö folk high school has got an international profile and one of our motivations to host volunteers is to continue our development as an international meeting point. We have been hosting international students, or scholarship holders as we usually call them, for many years and the international students mainly study Swedish. Mullsjö folk high school has also cooperated with schools in Latvia and in the USA and we have student exchanges with them every year. The school is adjusted for visually handicapped and hearing impaired students. They can either study the longer courses or participate in some special shorter courses for student with these needs. Mullsjö folk high school is also a course center for external groups who have seminars or meetings there as well as evening events in the assembly hall. The students of the school run a small fair trade shop where the students sell gifts and handcraft. It is open daily in the mornings during the coffee-break. Along with our work for fair trade, the school is also certified by the government for great environmental awareness. The school has got a library and an indoor sports hall and the volunteers is free to use these facilities. The students play sports etc. on their leisure time and the volunteers is welcome to join the different student activities.

Both projects will start on September 1st, 2018 with the duration of 1 year. 

Interested candidates are asked to send their CV and Motivation Letter before 30.01.2018 to advit_team@yahoo.com with the subject “EVS Sweden”. Please indicate to which of the 2 projects are you applying.