We are looking for english speeking participants for a training course in Stockholm, Sweden.


Duration: 27.10.2019 – 02.11.2019


What is the training about?

The youth exchange aims at training young people in Sweden and participating European countries in project management skills, with key elements in planning and implementing a social project, presentation skills and led evaluation to further empower and encourage the youth. The training is also arranged in order to foster intercultural understanding between and within the groups, in order to empower the youth to carry on with the local change they desire.


Who can participate?

Young people (age 16-25) interested in the topic. No previous experience is required, but we put emphasis on the motivation to participate in this exchange.

The participant must;

✓ be able to understand and communicate in English.
✓ be willing to participate actively in the workshops
✓ be interested in learning about other cultures and societies of Europe

This youth exchange will gather 30 young people aged 16 to 25 from five countries, including leaders for each group. We strive to have a varied group of people from different backgrounds and experiences and have a 50/50 variation of male and female participants (people who identify themselves as male or female).


Aim and objectives

The youth exchange aims to empower young people in Sweden and Europe to start and lead their own social project, but also foster intercultural dialogue between the youth groups through study visits and interesting activities. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to get new friends from whole Europe and to have a lot of fun together! More specifically the project aims;

✓ To understand the processes of setting up a project for social change based on norm criticism and to challenge structures of violence
✓ To plan and implement a project; define, target, evaluate, cooperation
✓ To learn by doing; promotion, budgeting
✓ To promote exchanges between young people in Europe
✓ To empower the participants in order to engage and contribute to their local community
✓ To validate and recognise the learned competencies gained throughout the project.


The methodology

The whole project will be based on non-formal education which means;

★ Flexibility, learner-centred, contextualised and based on the promotion of participatory approaches;
★ Horizontal cooperation, where facilitators and experts create a shared learning path with participants and trainees, encouraging the exchange of knowledge;
★ Personal empowerment through self-esteem raising, development of the self-confidence, competences and skills development.


About the training

The training “DRIV” is a three day training course that teaches young people how to run a project, from the initial idea phase to the completion of the project. It discusses the different roles of the people involved in the project, leadership, planning, funding, time management and budgets, and how to implement it into a successful project. It is important that the participants understand the different steps when planning a successful project and that they are committed to turning this into a successful social action.

The group will visit social entrepreneurs and projects which may serve as an inspiration to the young people, and further contribute to their cultural exchange and intercultural learning experience.


Tentative schedule for the Youth Exchange

Morning 9:00-12:00 Afternoon 2:00-4:30 PM Evening 6:00-8:30 PM
Sun 27th Oct Arrival Welcoming evening
Mon 28th Oct Introduction Workshop project

management Free evening

Tue 29th Oct

Workshop project
management – creating
your idea

Inspirational visit –
Multicultural centre Intercultural activity

Wed 30th Oct

Workshop project
management – group
processes and creating
your project

Study visit Youth club
Dörren Documentary, movie night

Thu 31st Oct

Workshop project
management – creating
your project

Intercultural activities and
project visit Free evening

Fri 1st Nov

Workshop project
management –
presentation of projects

Evaluation and building on
competences Goodbye party

Sat 2nd Nov Departure


Financial conditions

For participants: Please do not make any travel arrangements until you have been confirmed by email as a participant on this event. Once confirmed you will receive a detailed info sheet with the travel budget, meeting point and contact persons. Practical arrangements Travels: Participants and/or their respective sending organisation book their own travels to/from Sweden. PeaceWorks will make reimbursements latest one month after participants/organisation has purchased the tickets. Reimbursement will be made to the sending organisation. Participants has to save all original receipts if they want reimbursement. PeaceWorks arrange accommodation, food and local travels within Stockholm. The participants will be accommodated in a hostel close to PeaceWorks office in Stockholm. There will be separated rooms for girls and boys. Food will be vegan (no animal products) and if you have dietary restrictions or allergies you write that in the application form.

Special needs: Sending organisation has to inform well in advance if certain material or assistance is needed (like hearing help devices etc). Learning agreement All participants will have to sign a Learning Agreement in order to be accepted to the youth exchange. This will be sent to participants once confirmed.


Interested candidates are asked to send their CV and Motivation letter to sending.advit@gmail.com with the subject “Training in Stockholm, Sweden”.


Deadline for application: 15.07.2019



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