g0m1Somewhere in the countryside at 40 kilometers from chisinau, in a place called Hancesti,stends a manor of red bricks white stairs and wooden doors. Here use to live a man nicnamed Manuc Bey (The little Prince)

Rumored to be the richest merchant of all the balkans the armenian Emanuel Mârzayan was also a russian spy, a high official of the ottoman empire and true lover of the moldovan land where his family settled for good.

This was also the aim of our first expedition organized in Moldova by ADVIT.

Visiting Manuc-Bey’s manor, which now houses the Museum of History and Local History, was also a good opportunity to discover in a fast and efficient way the transformations of a country which has seen the turkish and russian influence, lived under communist rules and fought a separatism major crisis in 1992 between the transnistrian independantist region and the newborn Moldova.

The propriety is separated in several buildings. If thoose buildings seem to be from an outsider look very different one from an other some are linked by a hiden link. Indeed in his wisdom the armenian diplomat knew that all difference in views can’t be solved by peacfull gathering and therefore prepared a trick allowing him to flee in case of danger.

He builded a last resort tunnel under his palace next to his hammam and is jail leading to an other house hosting his wine cave.

The Palace is now in state of restoration and some spezialized workers come from as far as romania to bring back the beauty of this masterpiece of moldovan history. It was therefore a rare privilége to visit it during the restoration process.