“With whom would you like to live in the same house?”

Posted on March 23, 2017

Prepare a drawing of a house on the (paper)board. The facilitator tells the story of family Miller: “In this house live Mr. and Mrs. Miller with their 20 year old son David. The family lives quite happily together in this house. One day a bad accident happens and father and mother Miller loose their lifes. David inherits the house of his family and lives a single and satisfied life, untill one day David looses his job. David is no longer…

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“Welcome to My Village!” tool

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Welcome to My Village!!!! Aims of the tool to bring reflection about intercultural competences to make participants aware how quick assimilation gets in stead of integration ┬áto open discussion about cultures, values and symbols… Description of the tool Group is divided in 4 groups, each on a table with 5 kg of clay. The whole activity should be silent, no verbal or written communication. Each table receives the instructions and starts to build. When the villages are ready, you facilitate…

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