Today I Choose….

Everything we do in life is a choice. Every choice has a consequence. The consequence can be positive or negative. Young people often find it more difficult to think about the ramifications of their decisions. The pressures and uncertainties during times of trouble can lead to poor choices. This activity focuses on the importance of thinking through and planning to help promote healthy decision making.



  1. Explain to participants that they will be focusing on choices. Ask for some examples of the many choices they make every day.
  2. Talk about these examples and point out that good choices are often harder to make but usually lead to better results.
  3. Talk to participants about how empowering themselves means to know that most everything they do in life is their choice.
  4. Give a copy of the My Life is a Choice handout to each participant.
  5. Have them complete the handout and see how many things they actually choose to do in one day.
  6. When everyone is finished, have them talk about a few of their daily choices.
  7. When they are done sharing, steer the discussion toward what the consequences may be if they do not make these choices. For example, they may choose to take a shower. If they don’t, they will smell bad. Other examples: They choose to brush their teeth. If they don’t they may get cavities. They choose to eat lunch. If they don’t, they may get hungry or have a headache.
  8. Complete the activity by repeating the idea that making choices is empowering.

Discussion Questions

  • Can you name a few difficult situations in which making a good choice may be a struggle for many people today?
  • Why do you think these situations are so difficult?
  • How would you advise someone to handle these difficult situations?
  • How will you use what you have learned today?