Aliona and Roza gave a Youth Club lesson for Moldovan youngsters aged 15 to 17. The main topic of this meeting was identity which is a very relavant subject for every participant since everybody has a personality. Especialy during adolescence, shaping the own identiy, finding out what defines one and gaining self-consciousness are very important factors. Furthermore, the meeting was also about being tolerant towards other people.

To achieve this goal, the participants were asked to write down a positive and a negative thing about themselves. Afterwards, the facilitators and the youngsters discussed about the outcomes and about possibilities to increase self-esteem and confidence. Afterwards, the participants were asked to make each other anonymously compliments by writing them on a paper on the person’s back. This part was not only about winning confidence, but also about appreciating characteristics about others that one might not have in common with them what leads to more tolerance. This learning effect was supported by a closing discussion.