On 29th November 2016 Irina and Ema held a Youth Club session for teenagers and young adults on stereotypes. Since the latter are practically omnipresent, the facilitators’ intent was to show that in their role as everyday generalizations they are not always bad but also to emphasize, that discrimination based on stereotypes is, of course, highly problematic.

To underline the fact, that first impressions are not always true, the participants were separated in two groups. One group got pictures of different persons and were supposed to note down the first word or phrase that comes to their mind when looking at the picture. The other group got pairs of two pictures each and had to answer questions like: “Whom would you ask for directions?” or “Who do you think is smarter?”. Based on only superficial characteristics, the youngsters often judged wrongly which helped them to reflect on their own stereotypes. The learning process was supported by a closing discussion about the impact of stereotypes.