Project Dates: September 1st 2018-August 31st 2019
Application deadline: March 3rd 2018

„Stadtjugendring Esslingen“ is youth organizations of Esslingen established in 1973. We are association with about 35 member-unions and we feel responsible for the representation of interests of children an youngsters in Esslingen. We’d like to empower them to bring personal interests and needs into their environment and to assume responsibility in society. According to requirements, we offer different proposals and projects.

Related to children…
… we organize several holiday programs
… we arrange a two weeks long “children’s city” role play
… we are acting in street work
… we organize uncommercial festivals for children
Related to youngsters…
… we drive an information shop
… we’re acting in the field of youth politics
… we organize and take part in international youth exchanges
… we’re the porter of a “get together place”
Besides that…
… we offer advise concerning finance, projects and other requests for our member-unions an actors in youth work
… we create, develop and execute continuing education for volunteers

During the 12 months, the volunteer will discover pedagogy and didactics of open youth work in Germany and is welcome to add a European and intercultural perspective to different projects. The volunteer will be part of street work activities and projects for children and teenagers. This includes researching, planning and organizing the different activities as well as the physical work of preparing the material, sometimes building up tents with the team and, of course, playing with children and opening up possibilities for teenagers and discussing European topics.

Working hours can be very different. Some projects include working during evenings and week-ends. There will be the possibility to take days off to compensate those extra working hours. In general, some weeks will be really busy and challenging, others will be very calm. This depends on school holidays and winter/summer season.

The volunteer will live in a shared flat with other young people. She/he will benefit of the big network of youth organizations in Esslingen, which is represented by Stadtjugendring. There will be a lot of other young people and volunteers around.

Volunteer profile:

Volunteers can have all kinds of backgrounds. They should be able to live independently with other
volunteers in a shared flat and be at least 18 years old (for legal reasons).
They should enjoy being around kids and teenagers and be as energetic and open minded as possible. If
they have any “special” background, it would be great to share and discuss it with the youngsters.
As they will be managing some activities on their own/ with other volunteers, they should act in a reliable
and responsible way.
It would be great if the volunteer…
… enjoyed helping when we get our “hands dirty”, also outside and in hot or rainy weather.
… was able to motivate children and teenagers and enjoyed conducting games and activities.

How to apply

Send your CV and motivation letter to, mentioning in the subject line “EVS Germany” before 3rd of March 2018.

Please tell us about your experience in working with children and teenagers and about other projects you
are/were involved in. Explain your motivation and write about your hobbies and interests that you could share with or teach to young people and other important and interesting things about your person.
The skype dates will take place in end of March/beginning of April.