The EVS stage will take place in Braila, Romania, between 12 March – 12 October 2018. The project will involve 6 volunteers.
The volunteers will work closely with pupils from schools and high schools from Braila. Volunteers will promote volunteering as an alternative to violence and use of drugs. They will learn non formal education methods and they will put them in practice with pupils in schools and high schools to fight against violence and abuse of substances. They will have activities and campaigns with our local partners. They will promote Erasmus+ and EVS stages.

Profile of the volunteers
In order to take part in the project, the candidates that want to make a voluntary stage in Braila, Romania must fulfill certain important criteria:

Age of the volunteers must be between 18 and 30. The persons selected must be serious, active, enthusiastic, have team spirit, prove willingness for involvement in voluntary activities with young people. Volunteers must prove light experience in working with pupils and involvement in previous youth projects. Volunteers must support the host organization in fulfilling the tasks according to the activities of the project. Volunteers should have an average knowledge of English;

Transport, accommodation, food
The host organization will cover the travel expenses of the volunteers from the country of origin to the city of the stage in the limit imposed by the European Commission. Local transport in Braila will be fully covered by the host organization. Each volunteer will receive monthly subscription to local transport company. Also, volunteers will get monthly pocket money and food allowance.

Interested candidates are asked to send thier CV and Motivation letter to with the subject “EVS Braila”, before 28.02.2018