ADAPA Foundation works with adults with Autism and other developmental disorders.

We work in area of education, rehabilitation, social care and therapy. We also try to broaden the society’s knowledge on Autism Spectrum and other developmental disorders. The Foundation is a basis for the Occupational Therapy Workshops (OTW) that are designed to train occupational and social skills of our participants in the most practical manner. The volunteer will be able to work directly with therapists in Occupational Therapy Workshops, helping them in order to perform a safer therapy.

More about work in the organization can be found here and in the information attached.

Who can apply?
We welcome anyone who is open minded, understanding, and tolerant for those who differ from the most. The volunteer should be flexible and understanding. The person should present a certain level of empathy to be able to lead this type of lifestyle. It should also be mentioned that our participants are often people who express themselves freely, and also who may show their fondness of someone without taking into consideration whether this person enjoys it or is prepared for it, or not. This is the reason why EVS volunteers should not react in a phobic manner to displays of affection and physical contact in overall and have friendly attitude to the world. It is welcomed if the volunteer is interested in therapy for persons with Autism Spectrum and other developmental disorders.

How to apply?
If you are interested in applying send your CV to with subject “EVS ADAPA” before¬†12th of November 2017.

Project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.