The Slovak Civil Society Organisation “EduEra” is happy to
welcome you on our upcoming international seminar






The Slovak Civil Society Organisation “EduEra” is looking for participants from ERASMUS+ Programme
Countries and Eastern Partnership Countries for a 6-day-lasting international seminar for sharing
practices in youth work.

The seminar is targeted at youth workers and managers in youth organisations who are interested in
sharing practices and learning from each other in order to …

.… enrich their own youth work and toolbox
… provide better services to young people
… improve the work of their organization and create more impact
… build lasting international partnerships to support each other and run activities together

The seminar will take place from November 18th to 25th of 2019 in Bardejov in eastern Slovakia.
Funding is provided by the Slovak National Agency for ERASMUS+: Youth in Action, Key Action 1,
Mobility of Youth Workers.











We are targeting youth workers, youth leaders, community leaders, mentors, social workers, teachers,
the main criteria being that the participant be actively involved in value-based youth work in an
educational role.
Participants must be aged 18+ and be residents in the country of the nominating partner organisation.
Participants should be fluent in english, and be willing and committed to work hard (about 9 hours per
day at least). Participants should furthermore commit to carry out agreed preparatory tasks and be
willing to follow-up on the seminar via active youth work, ideally in co-operation with their
sending/partner organisation











All participants should be willing and able to share practices in youth work that can inspire the other
participants. In that sense we would like to underline that the event is not a training course, there will be
facilitators to support the participants in their sharing, but the content (= the practices) must come from
the participants.
The practices to be shared can relate to any aspect of youth work, it could be tools and approaches in how
to support and work directly with young people, how projects and activities are managed, how to cooperate with different types of stakeholders in youth work, how to create and measure impact, how to
provide information about opportunities to young people, whatever it is that you think you do well and is
worth sharing.
The participants will be chosen in a way that the contributions are as complementary and diverse as
possible and represent an inspiring portfolio of different practices in youth work tackling as many
different areas as possible.


a participation fee of EUR 30 is to be paid in cash in Slovakia
Full participation in the programme from evening of November 18th
to morning of November 25th is mandatory to be eligible for the
reimbursement of travel and subsistence costs, you cannot arrive
later or leave earlier from/to Bardejov
Obtaining full insurance (travel risks, medical, injuries) is the
participant’s responsibility, you are in charge of arranging your own
insurance for your travel and stay in Slovakia
Pictures, videos, images taken at the course, as well as the materials
produced during the activities, can be used to document the activity
in reports or websites or social networks, or for promotional material
Providing information on special needs, does not remove the
participant’s personal responsibility for ensuring their own health and


Also bring your traditional meal, drinks, snacks etc for


The programme and input of the seminar is not provided by organisers, but
only pax themselves during the TOOLFAIR where participant share their
good practises, methods, tools,..



The participants and the partner organisations are expected to …
– disseminate and promote the project and its outcomes,
– transfer the competences developed at this training course to further youth workers and educators,
– ensure the wider impact of this project by implementing concrete follow-up activities and
providing opportunities with and for young people in their regions and countries.
– The conditions for travel reimbursement is to provide evidence over at least one follow-up activity that
includes at least 10 persons












The training course will start with dinner at 19:00 of November 18th and end with breakfast on
November 25th. Thanks to funding provided by the ERASMUS+ programme through the Slovak National
Agency, during this period all costs for food, accommodation, local transport and course materials are

You are free to arrive to Slovakia some days earlier or stay some days longer, as long as the total amount
of your extra days outside of the programme activities is not more than three days. The costs of your
potential stay in Slovakia outside of the period November 18th afternoon to November 25th in the
morning have to be borne by yourself and are not covered by the organisers.


Following the rules of ERASMUS+, the costs of your international travel are covered up to the following
total amounts (if you prove that your travel falls into the corresponding distance band). Costs exceeding
the indicated amounts have to be borne by yourself. Here is an overview of travel grant per distance
band:  (Copy & Paste into your search bar)



The deadline for receiving your applications is September 5th.

Please send your CV & Motivation Letter to