Right now ADVIT Moldova are offering the chance to become a local friend to one of our new and current volunteers. This is an opportunity to improve your language skills and take a chance to make in international buddy.





What is a Local Friend.
A Local Friend is a person who provides guidance and help to the volunteers as they adjust to their new chaotic life in a completely new city.
A Local Friend has the responsibility to help  the volunteers and the Local Friend should do their best to fulfill their tasks




Why a Local Friend is important.

  1. A new volunteer usually does not know the language and/or the city.
  2. You can be the first local friend the volunteer will ever have.
  3. You will help the volunteer acclimate and adjust to a new environment and a new culture.
  4. You can give tips on how life in this city works, not only for day to day living but also for fun.













What you will gain.

  1. Communication & Language skills.
  2. Opportunities to participate in Training Programmes
  3. Exposure to new cultures and perspectives.
  4. Experience in an international environment.
  5. The chance to go on ESC and Youth Exchanges yourself.


Benefits of the Local Friend

  1. You might make a friend whose country in the future you can visit.
  2. And your horizons will definitely broaden.


Interested candidates are asked to send their CV and Application (Below) to sending.advit@gmail.com with the subject “Local Friend”.


Local Friends Application