Two months of Arcadie and Felicia in Poland

Posted on October 8, 2019

What we are about to tell here is the story of two young people who, two months ago, embarked on, what came to be, a life changing journey. This is a story about how 13 people from various corners of the world got together to create a small community built on love, acceptance and support. To each of us, CampoSfera wasn’t just a place that created the perfect environment for self-reflection and expression of the inner self. Rather, CampoSfera could…

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Youth Exchange – Let’s Blog

Posted on October 4, 2019

From 6 to 12 of September , 2019, an Erasmus + youth exchange took place in Trento, Italy, with 24 young people from Portugal, Georgia, Italy  and Moldova. The topics addressed were: Blogging; Media Literacy; Active Citizenship; Digital Natives; Storytelling . Trento is the capital city of the autonomous province of Trentino Alto-Adige, situated in North Italy. The city is a major educational, scientific and political centre with sheltering the University of Trento which is ranked among the best universities…

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Vlog on how I volunteered in Vukovar, Croatia by Acy Varlan

Posted on October 2, 2019

In this vlog we spent a weekend in Vukovar, Eastern Croatia. It was not my first time in Vukovar, as that I did my volunteering service there last year. I revisited the places we have been and recollected a few videos from last year. I talked about EVS= ESC(2019) service and how to become a volunteer. I am not equipped to talk about Vukovar’s tragedy, but as a volunteer living there I heard a lot of stories during the war…

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Tools For Self Reliance – ESC Southampton, England

Posted on October 1, 2019

GENERAL INFORMATION: Organisation: Kreisjugendwerk der AWO Karlsruhe-Stadt Location: Southampton, United Kingdom Deadline for application: ASAP Start of project: October 2019 End of project: September/October 2020 PRACTICAL INFORMATION: The volunteer will live in a five-bedroom house which is on the same site as Tools for Self Reliance. The volunteer will have their own bedroom but will share communal areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and lounge with the other ESC volunteers. There are bicycles available for the volunteers to use. The…

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Exploring Cultural Diversity Using Traditional Games in Armenia

Posted on September 25, 2019

GENERAL INFORMATION: Organisation: YouthMix Location: Dilijan, Armenia Deadline for application: 5th of October 2019 Start of project: 02/11/2019 End of project: 13/11/2019   PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The main aim of the project “Exploring cultural diversity through traditional games” is to unite the youth who encounter Geographical, financial and social privation from rural and remote areas of 8 different countries; Norway, Latvia, Romania, Spain, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. 40 young people will get together during 10 day exchange project. The project…

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An unforgettable experience in Armenia by Ecaterina Babitina

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It was a great challenge. About two weeks spent learning together, 8 countries, 40 participants. Hospitable Armenian, awesome Armenia and unpredictable Dilijan’s weather. Tomorrow it is going to be finished. Two days left and so many emotions. I remember the very first meeting under the Big Clocks in Yerewen’s Republic Square. Almost strange people gathered to do great things even to improve our digital competencies and to have an intercultural exchange. And now I can say, we did it. Every…

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“VUKOVAR SUMMER VIBES” The project that changed my life by Victoria Anghel

Posted on September 9, 2019

Short Introduction So let me introduce myself, I am Victoria Anghel, born and raised in the Republic of Moldova, I am a person who strives for art and the beauty in the world, but also ways to improve and help others. And this is how I came along this awesome project, “Vukovar Summer Vibes”. As for myself, I am a student at the department of Fine Arts & Design, at the Pedagogical State University of Ion Creanga in Chisinau, I…

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LET’S BLOG – Blog Literacy for Online Generation

Posted on August 5, 2019

LET’S BLOG In the 21st century digital technology widens options for choosing when and how to contribute to society. New digital citizenship platforms, where to share experiences and support each other are springing up ever more frequently. It brings more possibilities to become active citizen and to find more space in a given community. In the 21st century citizenship has gone digital, giving more opportunity and choice how we can contribute to society and make a difference to real lives…

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Liviu Rotaru’s ESC Adventure in Vevelstad, Norway/

Posted on July 24, 2019

This is an short article that our local Moldovan, Liviu wrote about his 1 year journey in the beautiful Vevelstad, Norway. “I believe that one must love his or her country very much before one leaves for another place. I’ve always loved Moldova and I’ve been working with youth and developing projects here since the age of 15. After graduating high school, I desired to challenge myself even more and to test my skills in an international environment. Deciding to…

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Help, we are looking for Friends!

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Right now ADVIT Moldova are offering the chance to become a local friend to one of our new and current volunteers. This is an opportunity to improve your language skills and take a chance to make in international buddy.         What is a Local Friend. A Local Friend is a person who provides guidance and help to the volunteers as they adjust to their new chaotic life in a completely new city. A Local Friend has the…

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