Short- 1-3 months
Long- 3-12 month
Starting from 1 March 2018
                         1 September 2018.                                                                                 
We are looking for volunteers who are:
– are in age 19-30 years old, 
– who study or finished university
– who have driving license ( not necessary)
– who are good leaders, who can be leaders in Euroweek seminars
– very good English – because all activities are in English,
– volunteer should be inteligent with very good humor
– position volunteer is like teacher of different cultures and English.
We pay all cost of accomodation and food. Volunteers will receive monthly food and pocket money in amount of 720 Polish zl.
Volunteers will be preparing the EUROWEEK POLAND.
EUROWEEK is a seven day non-formal education and cultural program. It is happening simultaneously in three hotels, Silesia, Alexander and Slconezna in Bystryzca Klodzka, Poland.
The program is being facilitated by Youth Leaders (Volunteers) coming from different countries around the world. To date, we have volunteers from Africa, Asia, North and South America and Europe. The program focuses on four key areas that the students need most especially in this fast changing environment; cross-cultural, social and communication, intellectual and creativity skills. 
Euroweek is also a learning space for volunteers. The volunteers can create; teach workshops and other activities that would not only benefit the students but also contribute to their growth as individuals, team players and leaders.
Duties and Responsibilities of Youth Leader (Volunteer)
  • The volunteer should prepare and present the best his/her country can offer. He/she can also include dance, music, arts, language, and show off the traditional dress and others that will make the presentation lively and interactive.
  • He/ she should also present and do different team building activities and workshops with the students. 
  • He/she is highly encouraged to share and develop new team building games and workshops for the students. 
  • As part of the learning process, volunteer should make a Learning Report every month to be submitted, reported and filed for future references. 
  • He/she will lead and facilitate the activities together with other leaders.
  • Over- all the volunteer should actively participate in all meetings, workshops, activities with full and positive energy all the time.

Administrative and Logistics
  • The organization is responsible in assisting the volunteer in the provision of documents that might be required for the visa application process.
  • Any transport in connection with the project will be covered by the host organization. If the volunteer has to go to his/her work place or to his language course, those costs will be refunded after the submission of the transport tickets by the volunteer.
  • The volunteer will live on the country side in volunteers’ house and will share the room with other volunteers in Dlugopole Gorne, Poland.
  • During the Euroweek activities, volunteer has free food (Polish standard) in the hotel.
  • The organization understands the need of the volunteer to communicate better with her/his participants, thus, the volunteer will undergo a weekly Polish Lesson that the organization will provide to enable effective communication.
  • The volunteer is entitled to have a two-day break per week or 8 days free time in a month.

Expences covered by volunteers:

  • Travel
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Participation fee: 500 MDL

EX-EVS volunteers can also take part in this project.

Interested candidates are asked to send their CV to, before 10/02/2018 with the subject “EUROWEEK project”.