We are looking for english speeking 18 to 30 year old participants for a Youth exchange in Dilijan, Armenia.


Duration: 01.09.19 – 12.09.19


Participation fee: 30€


Project Description

“Digital You(th)” is designed for young people coming from rural and remote areas of Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova, aged between 18 and 30. Implementation of the youth exchange is planned for 01-12 September 2019 in a spa town Dilijan, Armenia. The project will increase participants’ digital literacy in the field of digital marketing and reduce the risk of being unsuccessful while kicking off own business or social projects. With this initiative we aim at improving peer to peer learning among participants, providing a safe, informal environment of self-expression, likewise encouraging each participants’ full involvement in all stages of the project “Digital You(th)” will allow focusing on the most demanded skills, competencies and knowledge in the field of digital marketing, which can serve as an efficient base for rural youth unemployment reduction, promotion of business initiatives, promotion of social campaigns and projects, participants’ labor competitiveness increase, development of involved partners’ capabilities, etc. We aim to increase participants’ overall digital literacy and specific skills in digital marketing. Topics, such as branding, corporative style & values, social networks, and specific marketing tools will be the main components of our project. The whole youth exchange will be based on non-formal learning methods and approaches.


Our Goals and Objectives

– To increase the level of the participants’ digital and entrepreneurial literacy;
– To introduce the most demanded digital tools supporting business promotion and growth;
– To develop participants’ skills and competencies in various modern digital tools;
– To make it possible for the participants to get more chances for a better job via developing their competitive advantages;
– To promote mutual understanding, intercultural discourse, social engagement, and unity between young people in different countries;
– To view consider opportunities of Erasmus + program from different angles such as mobility, youth employment, and non-formal education, etc.


Dates and venue

Participants will be accommodated in double/triple rooms. They will be provided with 3 time buffet food and 2 coffee breaks per day. The hotel provides bedsheets and towels as well. We strongly ask group leaders to inform host organization about participants’ special needs, such as allergy, special diet, food, etc. A separate menu will be prepared for vegetarians.

Kalinini street 12/1, 3903, Dilijan, Armenia

Please note, that organizers are not responsible for participants’ accommodation,
food and transport for extra days both before and after the project dates .


Fnancial conditions

Youth Exchange will be implemented in the frames of the ERASMUS+ Programme. Board and accommodation will be covered by the hosting organization. The travel costs will be reimbursed for the cheapest and direct way of transport and only under the condition that the participant will take part in the whole project. The travel costs will be reimbursed up to the certain amount according to Erasmus+ rules. Only the tickets that were confirmed by us will be reimbursed. Participants’ travel from arrival places to the project venue on 01 September, as well as their departure from the venue on 12 September will be organized by the host organization. The cost of those trips (30 EUR) will be deducted from the reimbursement amount. Thus, the maximum travel reimbursement per person is as follows:

Travel expenses will be reimbursed in Euro upon presentation of all necessary documents (see the next sections). All tickets’ costs purchased in a local currency will be converted and calculated according to the exchange rate of the month given by the European Commission (https://goo.gl/HinFm6).

Germany 330€
France 500€
Portugal 790€
Spain 500€
Moldova 245€
Ukraine 245€
Georgia 150€
Armenia 0€


Travel documents

The selected participants choose flight connections and send them to us or via the partners for confirmation. Please don’t book any tickets without our confirmation. Only the cheapest tickets will be reimbursed. We will not cover tickets with the deviation from the direct route, extra unnecessary stops and layovers. We don’t cover seat reservation fees, leisure plus tickets, flexible tariff tickets, extra travel insurances, priority boarding fees. Only 1 piece of checked-in baggage of maximum 15-23 kg will be covered. Only tickets purchased online will be reimbursed. We can’t cover travel agencies’ fees. Travel agencies invoices for the flight tickets won’t be accepted for reimbursement.

We can’t reimburse taxi or private cars, only public transport will be covered. You can arrive 2-3 days before the activity and depart 2-3 days after if you want to spend more time in Armenia on your own, provided that the tickets on these days are not more expensive than on the official travel days. Eurowings, Ryanair, Wizzair tickets should be purchased only on the websites of the airlines. Tickets purchased via KIWI website won’t be reimbursed. PRINT your flight tickets and invoices and give them to us at the youth exchange. Online Check-in (per email in PDF) is highly recommended, then you can’t lose the boarding passes.

International travel expenses can be reimbursed ONLY upon presentation of ALL ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS stating your travel data and costs, namely:
1. Boarding passes (For round trip) ,
2. Tickets for plane/bus/train (also e-ticketes),
3. Invoices,
4. Payment checks.
Participants are requested to bring with them all mentioned documents, likewise any other payment bills, checks, tickets and payment proves that you will get during your travel. Regarding way-back tickets and boarding passes, they should be sent by post office.

Insurance Visa Please, be aware, that all participants are self-responsible for having a sufficient insurance covering personal accidents, illness, personal liability, cancellation, theft and etc. Make sure you have a travel insurance valid in Armenia for the whole project duration.

Participants coming from project partner countries DO NOT NEED A VISA to enter the Republic of Armenia. Participants should only present a valid International Passport. More information at http://www.mfa.am/en/visa/


Things to bring

Valid international passport for travel;
Travel insurance;
All required travel documents;
Comfortable shoes, outdoor suits,
raincoats, backpacks which are needed for outdoor activities and trips;
Laptop (at least 1 per national team);
Photo cameras and photo/video editing programs you may need;

What can entertain participants during free time, e.g. games, music, musical instruments, etc.;
Group activities and new ideas are welcome;
Traditional food, drinks, music, dances,
songs, etc.
Medicine you may need, etc.


Project Timeline

All national teams will be in charge of:
– Preparing 1-2 sessions dedicated to the topics of digital education and entrepreneurship;
– Preparing 1-2 sessions about state of the art digital tools;
– Preparing a presentation of current situation of local youth unemployment and digital education in their country;
– Preparing a cultural evening;
– Presenting their organization/non-formal group;
– Preparing and running energies, team building activities, name games and etc.

The exact tasks will be shared through the second info pack which will be provided as soon as all national teams are formed.



The whole youth exchange will be based on non-formal education. Different methods, such as outdoor education, hiking trips, business simulation activities, co-operative games, individual work, small discussion groups, plenary work, group dynamics and etc. will be used.


Interested candidates are asked to send their CV and Motivation letter to sending.advit@gmail.com with the subject “Youth exchange in Dilijan, Armenia”.


Deadline for application: 21/06/2019