There is a small village not so far from Chisinau which is called after shepherds: Ciobanovca. I spent a whole day there with my volunteer colleagues Theo and Annukka – but our targets weren’t sheeps nor shepherds.




On a sunny Wednesday we took an early marshrutka in the direction of Geamana. Everything went well until the driver asked us in Russian where should he took us. I said Ciobanovca many times because I thought there is a bus station or something… he said he will take us to “the center” (which is the middle of the main road, the village itself is only one main road anyway.) When we arrived we calmed down, because we realized it’s not possible to get lost here. Just follow the noises of the dogs.



In Ciobanovca there is a big shelter for dogs and cats, called “The Island of Hope”. One of our volunteer friends, Yessi do a lot of work there: she helps with cleaning the cages, walking with the dogs, feeding and petting them, and she supports the shelter as much as she can.



We already planned with Theo to make more videos about all the projects of ADVIT volunteers. It was a good coinsidence that Yessi just started now to think about how to support this shelter. Even tho we had limeted equipment, like using backpacks as treipods, smartphone for voice recording and a broken camera, it was a good chance to practice filming, editing, and focusing on what and how we should represent.


Anna and Theo