When I was going to my EVS, my future mentor told me that this little town in the North region of Italy is boring and nothing happens around a mile, I have to be really motivated to come. Well, I was and, as a matter of fact, Valdagno is actually fun and pleasant little town. No to mention Studio Progetto, my hosting organization is a large cooperative that works in different segments of education, training, housing, charity, environment, entrepreneurship, social inclusion and many more, collaborates with law and decision makers, organizes events in partnership with the town councils not only in Valdagno, but in nearest towns, much bigger towns.


My occupation as a volunteer is to manage and help with logistics in the International sector and assure the communication between potential partners with our organization. Besides that, I update the EVS Valdagno facebook page and together with other volunteers, we organize English and Spanish language clubs. Here, in Valdagno, we have English Conversation Club, where every Wednesday, we play educational games that help our participants to explore and learn new words and phrases, sharing our cultures through different workshops. For example, we had a small Martisor making workshop to celebrate the beginning of spring, and I have to say, many of our participants wore them till the end of March. Also, we’ve organized some cozy parties to celebrate Christmas and Azerbaijani spring holiday Novruz, introducing our group to traditions in our countries, national dances and baked some home goods.



Besides project managing and language clubs, I try to be involved in many other activities of Studio Progetto, helping with the local projects, assisting in daily office meetings with staff and youth. On Friday we’ve been closing one of the projects with organizing a report presentation and sushi party in the neighboring town.



I’ve been here for 6 full months, and another one after a break and by far, I’m very satisfied with my EVS experience, although of course there are some small things that spoil the general image, but it’s not relevant at all, it’s natural, it’s daily routine elements. At the moment we are three: me, and boys from Azerbaijan and Spain. In our free time we travel around Italy and abroad, hang out with our local friends and organize cultural exchange dinners and parties. The community of Valdagno is a nice place to live, the project team is a bunch of very kind, open and supporting people, we are also extremely lucky with our mentor. On 12 th of April we will be organizing a meeting in Vicenza with other volunteers to present a guide book, that we’ve created and I’ve never felt more useful and fulfilled. Vieni la bella Italia!



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