“One of the most thrilling experiences of my life has to be the Two -Stage mobility that was composed of the Training Course in Yerevan and the Study Visit in Stockholm. The former happened from the 20th until the 28th of November whilst the former took place from the 18th to the 23rd of February.

From the first day, I felt as comfortable with the people as if I’ve known them for years, it was odd, given the fact  that we were complete strangers to one another and until this day I still keep in touch with most of the people there. But not only the people there were beautiful, the activities were engaging and done in a manner that won’t bore, stress or exhaust us that much. All this in mind, I felt like I’ve learned more from this TC than in all my life about the topic at hand, presented beautifully by our 2 trainers, Aiste and Nelly.


One of the most interesting activities that we did in the capital of Armenia was the city ‘rally’ where we had to find some interesting places and take some silly photos of them, not only did we have an amazing time in our groups but we found out a lot about the place and the beauty it possesses. Another interesting activity that we had and relates more to the theme of the project was the Human Library, where we had the chance to talk with some interesting asylum seekers which came from different backgrounds, and it was very emotional for some of us, for even one of the participants was part of the event.

As we progressed to the second part of the mobility, meaning the Study Visit in Stockholm, we met quite a few new people with whom we also got along very well during the 6 days that we were there and as much as I love the group we had in Armenia, one can think hoe it would’ve been if these people were there as well. The most important thing in my opinion was the presentation that Mr. Williams held for us, which gave us a better understanding of the reality of how things work in Sweden when it comes to migrants. The only bad thing that I can say about the part in Sweden is that it was just too short for me to spend more time with the people and to have more activities.

All in all, both parts of the project were in my opinion fantastic ways to get to learn more things about the realities in those two countries when it comes to any type of migrant that comes there, got the chance to meet a lot of amazing people with which I hope to remain in touch for as much as I can.”

Mihail Platsinda and Mihai Vier from Moldova