When the sun was seen as a god, and the wonders were made by human beings, on a beautiful flower valley  were hardworking  people  with  worm soul lived  – the Armenians. They were the core of beauty, the embodiment of the divine, their works were the symbol of perfection. But their greatest value was kindness. They went to 8 kingdoms in the  entire world, one more beautiful than other: Armenia, Georgia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia. And have impared their knowledge of culture, values and kindness.

The old tale says that as good does not exist without evil and beauty without ugliness, in this corner of the paradise the sun did not rise after a long night, and  the king lost his only and the most beautiful  daughter -Kazimira.

 She has a great mischance  to be cursed and lose her charm  forever.

 She was a victim of four  curses that took the gentleness of the soul, the beauty of the face, the light of the eyes, the smoothness of the body.

Many years  young people in all lands fought for the beauty of Kazimira, but only one old man knew how to heal the child and it was the only hope of the king.

On the same day, he ordered to find the most skillful craftsmen to make “workshops” and revive the beauty of the child Kazimira.

 The great courtiers Arsenus Jan, Garnicus Jan and Alexandrus Jan searched for days and nights without rest until they found in the 8 kingdoms the most outstanding masters.

For 10 days with dedication and perseverance  the Latvian craftsmen worked on the finesse of the body through the “Decoupage” workshop, people from each kingdom jumped to help because they loved their king.

Before the curse the beauty of Kazimira’s  face was unbelievable and only the masters of Georgia managed to bring the divine face to life. They all worked and created a Plaster mask making workshop, so in the end her face saw the sun’s rays.

The next stage was to work on the inner beauty of the face. Her eyes were  the mirror of the soul,  and they were draw during  the vitrail glass painting workshop by Moldovan masters, and finally a small tear appeared in her painted eyes.

And the hardest workshop was dedicated to the gentleness of her soul. Flower petals and the merciless fire were used in the Wreath making workshop done by Ukrainian masters.  It was such a  hard work that lasted days and weeks on end, but everybody made an enormous effort.

And finally, the beautiful Kazimira returned to her  previous  life, she  was brighter than the sunlight even more beautiful than the shadow of the summer moon.   When Garnicus Jan saw  Kazimira’s beauty he fell in love with her.

 At their wedding, Garnicus Jan and the precious Kazimira received from the father  king the most honorable symbol of the kingdom: –Martișor with pumuloncichi. Since then, the tradition has been preserved in Tsaghkadzor, and every year,  in order to honour  the beauty of women, the grandchildren of Garnicus Jan , Arsenus Jan and Alexandrus  Jan made different workshops which now are called Erasmus+ Key Action 1!





Sanda Gulea
Mihai Janu
Irina Popescu
Ana Noroc
Stefan Cretu
2018, November