Right now the ADVIT family is growing and growing. In January, a plenty of new volunteers arrived in Moldova to do something meaningful while getting to know a new culture. Therefore we decided to combine the monthly volunteer meeting with a socializing event so that “old” and “new” volunteers had the chance to get to know each other. After a short introduction about the behavior in case of earthquakes, due to the recent increase of the latter, the games could begin.

For the first activity the volunteers built two teams. Then the ADVIT team gave them different fun tasks like “stare at each other without blinking”, “jumping as high as possible” or “making a big bubble with a chewing gum”. Each team could choose one person to master the particular task and the others had great fun watching.

That was also the case for the next game which was a movie quiz. The two teams could choose one person each who needed to do a pantomime performance about different movies that where given on a screen only they could see. The group was supposed to guess the English movie title. That was as confusing and funny as it sounds: Whether it was “Forrest Gump”, “Transformers” or “James Bod”, the shown acting abilities where amazing. Since there is no ADVIT activity without good Moldovan food, people were offered Placinta, cookies and fruits in the break that followed.

Game number three helped the volunteers to get each other to know a little bit more. The teams had to answer different questions concerning three people, like for example “Which would be a good nick name for the person?” or “Which animal would the person like to be?” The person whom the question was about could then choose the more accurate answer. Sometimes both, the creative answers the teams came up with and the decisions were really surprising.

The last quiz was about the volunteers’ knowledge concerning Moldova. Instead of two teams now four groups had to answer questions like “What is no traditional Moldovan dish?” or “Who wrote the lyrics of the National Anthem of Moldova?” (Easy! Of course Alexei  Mateevici, the guy the street where the ADVIT office is located in, is named after).

Even though only one team could win each game, the volunteers knew how to share their prizes (traditional Moldovan treats / specialities) since only sharing is caring. After the four organized games most people decided to stay at the ADVIT office a little bit longer to play some more games and to have a nice time together. We all enjoyed the event very much and are already looking forward to next month’s event with even more new volunteers.