In our second workshop, we moved on from Identity to Stereotypes. We were lucky to work with the same group as the first workshop. The session started with a quick energizer where we got the students to act out particular ideas (love, peace, trees, vacation etc.). This was a good way to wake up, as our lesson was one of the first of the day.

We then moved onto a fun CSI (crime scene investigation) activity to figure out who committed a theft. Four students were designated ‘suspects’, given character profiles and questioned by the remainder of the group. We had Ion the former convict, Ramina the teenage mother, Svetlanaska the angry Russian and Muhammed the newest staff member. We gave the students limited information for each character as a way to make it more challenging to decide who did it. The group deliberated and discussed the possibility of each suspect.

Following up on the activity, we discussed some theory on the subject of Stereotypes. The group recognized stereotypes applied to them, particularly those based around ‘youth’ given that they are young adults. They discussed the good and bad of having these stereotypes applied and how to avoid them. The discussion involved an impressive short philosophical debate within the students! We certainly did not plan for Socrates and Plato to enable the learning process and so as a result, we had many new interesting things to consider. Looking forward to the next session!