We are looking for volunteers between the age of 18 and 30 that are interested in a short term project in Klimontów, Poland.


Duration: 5 MAY – 16 JUNE; 24 JUNE – 5 AUGUST; 12 AUGUST – 23 SEPTEMBER


About the organisation:

Foundation for Creative Space and Development CampoSfera was established in 2013 by 4 people who have been involved in 3rd sector activities for many years. In August 2013, only 4 months after registration, the Foundation signed an agreement with the Sędziszów municipality in świętokrzyskie voivodeship. Within the agreement the Foundation have rented a building after a closed village school of 550m2 with the surrounding area of 1,3 ha for 25 years for the purpose of Foundation’s activities. The building has been renovated in mid 2014.

The current state of the building allows the foundation to host groups up to 30 people for a longer period. The building is heated,
it includes bedrooms, showers, toilets, training room, kitchen, dining room and a workshop. We also host international project groups of 15 up to 40 people. In summer we organize music festival for the local community and outdoor cinema.


1ST MOBILITY 5 th MAY – 16th JUNE:

People passionate about ART and multicultural learning. Creative, open-minded, ready to share their culture and artistic skills! Maybe You already know something about art and multiculturalism or maybe You want to explore more and challenge Yourself in a creative way – as long as You are motivated to work and happy to help – there is a place in our team exactly for You!

During this project we will be exploring our artistic skills and talk about diversity and multicultural education. We will decorate our building and try to bring the art outside to the village! Also we will organize a small Festival for kids on 1 st of June.


Main tasks and activities:
— Painting mural in school with an artist from Cracov;
— Creating cultural activities – organizing a small local Festival in Klimontów on Children’s Day (1st June);
— Exploring the needs of local community;
— Preparing workshops and animations for kids;
— Presenting your culture;
— Working in garden and Foundation’s building;
— First aid course;
— And more…



This project is about enviromental protection, enviromental actions and promoting ecology. We will be working close to nature with youth and children from rural areas! Main tasks and activities:
— Active enviromental protection;
— Preparing workshops about ecology and animations for kids;
— Exploring the needs of local community
— Working in garden and Foundation’s building;
— First aid course;
— And more…


For this project we would especially welcome people who are interested in ecology, permaculture, gardening and/or working in a small local community (especially kids and youth). Our main concern is that the volunteers will find the project interesting, personally developing, fruitful it terms of knowledge and skills and simply satisfying. In our opinion, people with the above mentioned features and interest would feel most fulfilled.



We are looking for motivated, passionate people who would like to check how it’s like to walk is festival organizer’s shoes! If You’re creative, hard-working and open-minded – You’re the person we are looking for. During the Festival be prepared for staying up all night surrounded by nature, people and music – there will be time for work but we can’t forget the time for having fun!

During this project we will be engaged in organizing a Fastival connected to enviromental protection and ecology! It means that we will be focused on preparing workshops and activities for kids, teens and adults, promoting, decorating area of a festival, securing it and so on! Main tasks and activities:
— Planning events outside of CampoSfera – preparations for the festival (decorations, infrastructure, secutarion…);
— Working with local volunteers and social institutions;
— Preparing workshops and animations for kids;
— First aid course;
— Working in garden and Foundation’s building;
— And more…


During Your 6 weeks stay in CampoSfera for sure You will be able to:
— Experience working and living in a small community in a rural area;
— Work in a complex international team;
— Work with youth and children from rural areas;
— Develop personal, interpersonal and interculttural skills;
— Improve Your teamwork;
— Take initiatives;
— Learn how to lead workshops;
— Develop practical, artistic and gardening skills;
— Understand the ideas of sustainable development; responsible consumerism, resource distribution and ecological solutions in       everyday life;
— Improve Your skills in planning, work division, and learining responsibility for your own tasks;
— Get knowledge about opportunities offered to youth by EU;
— Get theorical and practical knowlegde about first aid;
— …and so on — everything depends on You 🙂


About the work place:

We have a permaculture garden. A green space for both visual and practical purposes arranged and sustained according to nature without the use of chemical fertilizers. The garden includes vegetables, herbs and green architecture.

CampoSfera is a special place where you can find a space of solitude and calmness while working close to nature (especially in early spring and late autumn), but also a place where many people come and go and a lot happens (especially in summer).

In CampoSfera the volunteers will have a chance to meet people from all over the world who come to volunteer for a shorter or longer period of time


About the city:

The Foundation is placed in Klimontów near the city of Sędziszów in Świętokrzyskie region in Poland. The location of the Foundation is connected with the nature of the project –ecology and rural development! Klimontów is a tipical Polish village on the border of three regions. It is a peaceful place, surrounded by nature with 400 inhabitants only. There is only one small shop in the village where You can buy some basic products. The nearest town is Sędziszów placed 10 km away (5 mins by train). It is not very big (6500 inhabitants) but You can find there supermarkets, exchange office, bar, restaurants, a lake etc. We encourage the volunteers to visit bigger cities in free time, specially Kielce, where our partner organization hosts 14 ESC volunteers who are frequent guests of CampoSfera and Krakow, which is a touristic and cultural place. There are also 6 bikes available for volunteers’ use.



Volunteers will be accommodated in the CampoSfera building. It is an ex-school building adapted for the need of hosting 30 people in it. Volunteers living in the school will have access to bathroom with showers and toilets, to the kitchen where they can prepare meals for themselves. For the short-term Volunteers there are 3 big rooms available (5-4 people in one room) Volunteers together will take care of the safety, food and condition of the place.


Travel costs reimbursement maximum is 275€ for Moldova. Interested candidates are asked to complete the application form.

Deadline for application: 18.03.19