On 21th of October for a period of 2 weeks, eight volunteers from France, came to Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. Their visit was aimed to assistance at two Centers that are working with children with disabilities “Atentie” The Association for disabled children and social inclusion ” and “Small Group Homes”, the beneficiaries of this organizations are children with physical and mental disabilities.

While staying in the organizations the French volunteers try to assist in development and improvement of the center, work together with the organization’s staff, working and playing with disabled children, go on walk with them, networking with children from the center and organizing activities.

The volunteers came up with their creativity, project ideas, experience, for example, arts and cultural expressions, sports, games and experiences from another culture.

On 2nd November the volunteer participated at “Atentie” The Association for disabled children and social inclusion center” in a local celebration which is called “The Golden Autumn”- the celebration of Autumn. It was a new celebration for the volunteers. They helped the children to create Autumn decorations from different fruits and vegetables as well as various other materials, such as leaves, seeds, pulp, paper, cardboard, polystyrene, that were transformed into different compositions, animals or insects. All the participants were very proud of the work they did. The children were happy that they had help and the volunteers were very enthusiastic to found out about a new tradition, as they do not celebrate it in France.

On 3d November at the “Small Group Homes” Center the volunteers have organized an unusual celebration for the children, the “Halloween Day”. The children had a great time making Halloween decorations, cookies and drawing masks. Also the children had the opportunity to participate in various games. At the end of the day the children were happy and were very impressed about the activities they had the opportunity to participate.

The time spent at the organizations brought a lot of joy and new experience for both parts. The children got to spend some quality time with the volunteers and make new friends. The volunteers got a new experience working with children with disabilities in a foreign country and learning new traditions of Moldavian culture.