When? Where? With whom?

Dates: December, 1st – 10th, 2017
Location: Sumy region, Okhtyrka area, Ukraine

Who: youth (18-25 y.o.) from Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Moldova and Ukraine: 5 young people + 1 group leader representing each partner organization.

Project idea

The international youth exchange in Ukraine is the first stage of the bigger project “Splashes of Diversity”, where youth workers and youth from different cultural backgrounds will meet and experience non-formal and informal learning in intercultural environment.
The project’s main focus is youth with fewer opportunities and different cultural background.

During the youth exchange in Ukraine we will discover about the definition of culture in general, learn about participants’ cultures and intercultural communication. The final activity of the youth exchange will be theatre production which participants would have to create by themselves and to present to the local public.

Second part of the project is youth exchange in Latvia which will take place on March 2017. It will be dedicated migration and inclusion of asylum seekers. The final product of the youth exchange will be photo exhibition about migration and diversity which participants will present to the local public.

It is expected that some of participants will take part in both youth exchanges, so the knowledge transfer will be provided.

Aims and objectives

  • to raise awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries
  • to promote diversity, intercultural dialogue, tolerance between young people from different countries and coming from different backgrounds;
  • to expand their knowledge on the notions of multiculturalism, acceptance and tolerance;
  • to provide young people with fewer opportunities with international mobility;
  • to share experience and encourage new youth initiatives;
  • to facilitate international exchange, networking and cooperation.


  • young people of 18-25 y. o. (some can be older up to 30 y.o.);
  • coming from Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Moldova and Ukraine;
  • personally interested in the topic of intercultural learning, ready to share and gain new experience;
  • motivated to take active part in the project;
  • motivated to share the experience gained during the project in their communities and use the obtained knowledge on practice.



Accommodation: the participants will be lodged in rooms for 3 people in the bungalow park “Slavna” (Sumy region, Okhtyrka area).

Food: you will have three meals and two coffee-breaks a day. Please, inform about your food habits and needs (fast, vegetarian, vegan etc).

Working language: English.

Internet Access: free wifi is available at the venue.

Plugs: the type of the plugs in Ukraine is European. Make sure that you have adapters for your electrical devises.

What to bring with you:

  • “Standard youth exchange equipment”: an alarm clock, any dictionaries you might require, music, musical instruments, comfortable clothes, personal first aid kit, swimming suite etc;
  • Additionally we will inform you about the things which you need to prepare and bring for the programme elements.