Youth exchange in Moldova

This Youth Exchange “What do YOU THink” brought together active youth from the countries of Armenia, Belgium, Croatia Estonia, Georgia, Russia, Moldova, Portugal and Spain. All participants, armed with vast experience and different cultural backgrounds, came together to Moldova in order to develop and promote critical thinking skills with the use of non-formal tools of education.

During 10 days we shared, cooperated, contributed, learned and most importantly stayed active. Each day was packed with energizing activities, followed by workshops and discussions on various actual topics. Each country group had prepared to bring forward a problem for everyone to analyze from various points of view and bring into light related issues in their own countries for general discussion. The main point during the discussions was that we engaged the qualities of a critical thinker and stayed open minded. These discussions brought awareness to our surroundings and helped us analyze cultural norms, standards and issues.

After the busy and engaging days, we moved on to the evening, during which each country organized a cultural event to share scenery of their beautiful countries captured through photos and videos. We all shared food, drinks, dances and engaged in fun and curious quizzes to broaden our knowledge about the people that take part in the project and their backgrounds.

It was a project of collaboration and perpetual discussion. Everyone had something to bring to the table and everyone stayed equally involved, for which we are thankful to each other. It helped us make connections, satiated our thirst for travelling and discovering and broadened our horizons.

This project is funded by Erasmus+, JINT vzw National Agency.