On 22 of September 45 participants from 9 different country arrived in Moldova. We traveled to the beautiful place called Vadul lui Voda where our accommodation in Nick’s House was located, a place surrounded by beautiful nature.

You could see that everyone was a bit nervous and exited to meet so many new people from so many different cultures but already after the first day we became like a one big family. This Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project was called YOU(th) ME(dia) ThrUSt and we became “US” very quickly.
The project was about Media and how it occurs in different countries. We had different tasks, lessons and presentations around the subject and we discussed about how media can be used for good or bad. We were dealing with the subject through different presentations and practices. Also, every country made a presentation about how media works in their country and that opened a lot of discussion about cultural differences.

We had a change to make a study visit to the local news agency called UniMedia and the trip was very interesting and educational. After the visit we had a city quiz in the city of Chisinau and that way we had a great change to also explore the city and interact with local community.
As well every day there were a lot of games and plays we did together and those were always full of laughter. This was a great way to get to know each other and we learned to work as a team. Everyone was participating and no-one was left aside. This made us a very strong group. Also every day the participants gained more and more courage to speak English and that enabled us to communicate even more.

In the evenings we had cultural nights where every country presented their own country and culture. Every country had put a lot effort to these presentations and that made them so interesting, fun and enabled us to learn a lot about different cultures.

On the 30th of September when the project ended everyone was feeling sad but also happy and grateful for this experience. Every participant shared and gave something about themselves to the group and received something in return. We all became friends and had this communal feeling. We all learned something new and everyone left the project with more aware and inspired.
Even though the project is over, the interaction and discussions continue -through media we thrust.

This project was realized by CODEC vzw from Belgium in cooperation with ADVIT “Europa fara frontiere” from Moldova and funded by Erasmus+, JINT vzw National Agency.