What does our life consist of? What do we consist of? What remains after us? Memories. In our minds,
many moments are rife, connected with important and significant situations. It was these moments,
emotions and impressions that I wanted to convey in my work.

We are insignificant and, at the same time, the greatest creatures of the Universe, without realizing it
ourselves “raise high the lighthouses”. Who in the real world, who is on the shores of his consciousness.
And everyone perceives the word “lighthouse” in their own way. That’s why we are given symbols.

Memories are a moment embracing history from the beginning of time, and not ending at a certain
stage, but lasting forever. The work conveys feelings, emotions and emotions that every person can
experience, to one degree or another. After all, in each of us flashes of “lighthouses of memories”,
taking to the far reaches of consciousness.

Anastasia Cortovenco