Roads Exercise

To show how the Intercultural dimension is related to the capacity of dealing with a complex and interactive situation and emotions. To develop negotiation skills, decision-making skills, to become aware of cultural/personal perception of reality.

Description of the tool

In four groups distribute the description of the communities to each group (see download). Each group can ask one question after a period of reflection. Answer by reading the rules.


This game is about building roads.You can only build roads in the territory of others with their permission. For this reason, each group will appoint a builder and a representative. The builder is the only person allowed on the land, and the representative is the only one allowed to negotiate with the other groups. None of these people can do anything without the agreement of their own population. You are allowed to change these people every 10 minutes.
For the roads to be counted, they have to satisfy 3 criteria:
They have to start from your own periphery and end in the periphery of another community
They cannot cross other roads
They have to be constructed between the indicated start and finishing time (30 minutes).
“How many roads do you have?”

After the game, the debriefing should be done around the following:
the difficulties and necessities in the intercultural learning process.
1. How did you feel?
2. How did you feel while having the role of your population?
3. Are you satisfied with the outcome of the exercise?
4. How would you describe the outcome of the exercise?
5. How would you describe the process involving the representatives?
6. Were your initial opinions about building the roads confirmed or unconfirmed when your representative turned back from meeting with another representative?
7. How did you choose the representative for your population?
8. Could you recognize any link between what happened in this game and the “real world?
9. Which are the strong and weak points of the exercise for you?
10. If you were the person proposing this method, what would you change in it?

Communities for the “Roads Exercise”

We are a population of farmers. Our economy depends on fields. We need land for production. We need roads to reach our fields and to be able to export our products.
We are a population of traders. Our economy depends on import and export of goods. We need land for our factories, and to cultivate our goods. We need roads to be able to reach suppliers and consumers.
We are a population of oil drillers. Our economy depends on extracting oil. We need land to dig for wells, and we need roads to reach them and export the oil.
We are a population of fisherman. Our economy is based on fish exports. We need land for big family homes and to build boats. We need roads to carry our fish.