Visiting regional social center «Renasterea»

On 15th of November, the Regional social center «Renasterea» for people living with HIV together with ADVIT Europa Fara Frontiere organized a meeting for EVS volunteers to inform them about the HIV/AIDS prevention, causes and the importance of getting tested. The meeting started with a presentation about the statistics of people with HIV/AIDS in Republic of Moldova. The statistic shows that in Moldova we have more than 10.000 persons infected with HIV/AIDS, 300 of them are children. Every year 300…

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“Roads” Exercise

Roads Exercise To show how the Intercultural dimension is related to the capacity of dealing with a complex and interactive situation and emotions. To develop negotiation skills, decision-making skills, to become aware of cultural/personal perception of reality. Description of the tool In four groups distribute the description of the communities to each group (see download). Each group can ask one question after a period of reflection. Answer by reading the rules. RULES: This game is about building roads.You can only…

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