Ana and Arancha organised a Youth Club session for a tenth grade of a secondary school in Chisinau on 2nd of December 2016. The topic was stereotypes in general and aimed on making youngsters aware of different aspects of these. Though everybody uses stereotypes in everyday life, it was important to the facilitators to point out certain risks connected to them. Stereotypes can easily lead to intolerance and discrimination.

To avoid this and to teach the participants how stereotypes work, each of them got a paper with a certain role attached to their so nobody knew which role they had. Then they asked each other questions like “Do I live in a big flat?” or “Do I have children?”. Sometimes the answers connected to a role were mostly similar but in other cases everybody took different preasumptions for granted. Thanks to the game and a discussion in the end of the lesson the youngsters realized that it’s not possible to judge based on a person’s role and that it’s more important to get to know a person. Only being aware of one’s own stereotypes makes it possible to avoid injust valuations.