Period: March 1st – August 31st, 2018

Activities of the project organisation (aims, objectives, actions):

The volunteer would work in the Katharina-von-Bora-Haus, which is a residential project for people with disabilities run by the Stephanus Foundation.
The Katharina-von-Bora-Haus offers diverse living and support opportunities for people with severe disabilities. There are six residential groups living in the KvBH, each residential group consists of eight residents. Residents are
between 25 and 82 years of age, but mainly are elderly people with severe physical and mental disabilities. Some
residents have very high needs of nursing care and/or are demented.

Description of the community the project is situated in:

The Katharina-von-Bora-Haus is located in Berlin, in the district Weißensee. North of the city centre, Weißensee is
characterized by various park and green areas, the lake Weißensee and its swimming station, open spaces as well as a lot of well conserved buildings and single family houses. More and more young families decide to live there as this area is calm, green and close to the centre. The population is mixed; you can find a high percentage of people who are living there since long time and with different economical background. There are different sport clubs, cinemas, shopping possibilities at the nearby Antonplatz, churches and cultural associations. The Prenzlauer Berg, one of the night- out areas with pubs, clubs and cafes etc, is in short distance and easy to reach by bike or public transport. Berlin itself is a city that offers a huge variety of cultural, sportive, international and political life.

Description of the tasks of the volunteer in the project:

The volunteer will support the staff in one of the residential living groups. About eight mostly elderly residents live there together as independently as possible. The volunteer will assist them in those situations when they need support: offering and supporting leisure activities such as playing music or guidance when going shopping, but also helping in their daily activities such as getting up and getting dressed.
Due to their age and disabilities, the residents also need support for light physical activities such as accompanying them during walks and mobilization/physio. Additionally, the volunteer will support the stuff with housekeeping/domestic chores like grocery shopping for the group, helping in the kitchen, cooking, and handling laundry. The volunteer will not be working in the field of hygiene. She/he is welcome to propose ideas for free time activities, according to the possibilities of the residents (creative or cultural activities).
The volunteer will not be working night shifts. The first and second language course will be considered working hours. In case the volunteer desires to take additional language courses during working hours, he/she has to consult the project before registering. Vacation days have to be approved by staff and director.

Required skills and interests of the volunteer:

The Stephanus Foundation has the following expectations towards the volunteer’s required skills and interests:
– motivation to work in the project
– ready to work with people with mental disabilities (experience in this field would be welcome but not necessary)
– be open to work in a responsible, independent way
– be open to living with people with disabilities
– be prepared to work in care and support
– basic knowledge of German language would be an advantage
– reliability and punctuality

Working hours, working time:

The volunteer will work in shifts on a regular basis, also on weekends. The morning shift lasts from7:00-14:00, while the evening shift lasts from 14:00-20:00. Weekly working hours are 30-35; Two (usually consecutive) days per week are off.

Pocket Money and food arrangement:

The volunteer will receive 120 Euro/month as pocket money.  The volunteer will receive provisions (amounting to 241Euro/month) from the project.

Description of the accommodation:

The volunteer will be living in one apartment (2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom) in the living home. Maybe he/she has to
share this apartment with another volunteer or intern; each one gets a single room.

Interested candidates are asked to send their CV and Motivation Letter to with the subject  “EVS Berlin” until 18.01.2018.