Short term ESC in the land of tulips and windmills


  • Organisation: Olde Vechte Foundation
  • Project name: Wider Horizons
  • Location: Ommen, Netherlands
  • Deadline for application: 29th of December
  • Project dates: 7th of January – 8th of March 2020 (2 months)


Would you like to live for two months a joyful and unique volunteering experience, thanks to which you can create new opportunities in your personal and professional life once back home? Wider Horizon is a short-term volunteering project of Olde Vechte Foundation, that takes place in Ommen, The Netherlands. By participating you have the opportunity to experience new aspects of life and of yourself: you will live together with other people from different countries, hosted by Olde Vechte Foundation; you will volunteer in a practical work place; you will take care of your bungalow and organize your own free time. In this information letter, you will find all the information you need in order to know what the project is about, and how to apply for it. Reading it carefully, you will get an idea of how it will be once you are here in The Netherlands.


The working week is from Monday until Friday, in total 36 hours. The voluntary activities are practical tasks at various workplaces in and around Ommen. The program is diverse and one day it can be you volunteer in a horse stable and the other day in a camping. We have a 9- person minibus through which you will be brought to and picked up from your workplace. One of the activities is also to help out the community of Ommen, like to fix a pavement of a resident or to help the elderly in their garden. You will also have a bicycle for places which are closer to your bungalow and to use it to travel around for shopping and your free time.

  • Free time: You can spend your free time in many different ways: visiting cities, hanging out with new international friends, biking, joining karaoke evenings, singing songs around a camp fire, organizing movie nights, dancing, playing sports, going to the swimming pool, etc.
  • Guidance: During your stay as a volunteer, there will be a mentor who will help you with practical aspects, such as, to get
    around in Ommen and to show you where are groceries shops, pharmacy, medical institutions, etc. This person will also be there to guide you and support you for any issue you might have.
  • Food and accommodation:  During the two months you will be hosted in bungalows of 4-6 people at a holiday park in Ommen. The place is located approx. 10 minutes by bike from Olde Vechte and 15 minutes by bike from the centre of Ommen. In all bungalows there is a kitchen, shower and toilet. You will share a room with someone. You can see an example for a house here. Your house may differ from the one in photos, but it will be very similar. There will be washing machine available as well as wi-fi connection at the resort. As for the food: you have a kitchen in your house. Along with your pocket money, you get money for food, and you can arrange your own meals as you wish.
  • Pocket money and Traveling costs: as a volunteer you will receive 310 Eur pocket money in total. Food allowance AND pocket money will be issued in cash every week. The traveling costs (planes, trains, buses etc.) will be reimbursed up to the amount of 275 Eur.

Apply by sending us your CV and Motivation letter (with the subject of your email as “ESC Ommen”) by 29th of December on

For any questions feel free to contact us