We are looking for a Moldovan volunteer to participate in the project called „Spiralen, Permakulturhagen i Sarpsborg” in Norway!

Duration: untill 31.10.2019 (8 months)

About the project SPIRALEN: 
Our goal is to establish a permaculture garden and is 10 years project started in 2014 with guidance from Change the World. We made a plan to make this an open garden people can visit with information about growing your own food.

This garden is called Spiralen. It’s about starting small and achieve big things – to start with yourself and contribute to a sustainable development. But what is a permaculture garden?  Permaculture as a system is nothing new. Permaculture organizes existing resources in a way that saves energy or produces more energy than used.

Spiralen will have 3 vegetable gardens that each will have different animals that will work the soil and remove weeds and left over vegetables. We have to vegetable gardens now and one have chickens and the other have cute rabbits. We also cultivate a star bed that provides a great environment for growth which is an important principle in ecological cultivation. In the middle of Spiralen is our large maze which is decorated by graffiti artist Are Burås.

We have our own bonfire and it’s a meeting point for parties and activities with the world most decorated roost build with pallets and outlooks the basil garden. Chicken and gardens is a good match. They process the soil in a gentle and efficient way and give us healthy eggs in return. Our eatable “jungle” is well underway and the fruit forrest will provide different fruits. We also have beehives and in the future we will also have goats, water feature and a large greenhouse. Volunteers can apply for all projects or only for one of them, but they cannot choose a specific working place. We will divide these together with the hosting organizations in the way we feel how is best according to your profile and the needs of the working place, we do this after the interviews and after an assessment of the skills of the candidate and the needs of the organization.

About the organization: 
Friends For Understanding is a youth organization that focuses on a sustainable society and works with youth from other countries. We are a free-standing organization with its own board and is registered in Brønnøysund with organization number 995 492 385. We’re also registered in Frivillighetsregisteret and was started in 2006. So far we have been using activities from EU’s Aktiv Ungdom. Our organization grows every year and is approved as sender and receiver of international volunteers and coordinating organization in European Volunteer Services (EVS).

EVS is a peace project and focuses on sharing culture resources and offers the volunteers to get new friends and activities in the locale region.

FFU focus and teaches about locale, regional and international sustainable solutions for the future. We have started establishing a permaculture garden in Sarpsborg and will be located on the south side out looking Skjeberg Kirke and is named Spiralen. We believe agriculture plays a big part of the global environment and we teaches how to be more independent.

Learning outcomes:

– Permaculture design in theory and practice
– Norwegian
– Animal welfare and how to keep animals
– Project planning
– Your own project
– How to plan and run a holiday club for children
– Safety and qualities issues for children
– Enviromental issues
– EVS- content, plan and feasibility   

Profile of the volunteers and selection process:
The Volunteer will be assisting the project leader in her work in creating a permaculture garden. He/she will take care of animals, plants and make buildings for different purposes, fences and elements inside the project. He/she will also be a group leader or group assistant on childrens holiday club and other events with children.  

Interested candidates are asked to send their CV and Motivation letter to advit_team@yahoo.com with the subject “Volunteering in Norway”

 Deadline for application: 10/04/2019