We are looking for two volunteers (age: 18-30) for a one-year project in Herskind Denmark

Duration: one year

Date: 01.05.19 – 28.02.20

Place: Herskind Denmark

Description of the project:

The project, Hertha, is a living community for mentally handicapped situated in a small village, Herskind, consisting of families and singles, who integrate themselves into the lives and rhythm of the handicapped. The living community consists of 2 houses with 19 mentally handicapped residents. The residents have different psychological and mental restrictions and some of them are also physically impaired, but all of them are able to walk. In the village there are different workshops which are used in the project: Bakery, bio-dynamic market garden, bio-dynamic farm, dairy, weave shed, kitchen and laundry where the mentally handicapped work.

Main tasks:

The main activity for the volunteer will be to support the disabled in the workshops according to interests and specific knowledge and experiences. The volunteer can choose between bakery, kitchen, or gardening. If the volunteer has a driving license, he/she will be in charge of being a chauffeur to different activities. Being able to play an instrument would be relevant, but not essential. Volunteers will only work with the less disabled and challenging disabled.


The volunteer will live at the project in a shared apartment with other volunteers.


The volunteer will we reimbursed for the travel costs.

Interested candidates are asked to send their CV and Motivation letter to advit_team@yahoo.com with the subject “Volunteering in Denmark”

Deadline for application: 16.09.18