The office is crowded with people. It’s loud and full of laughter. There are people who come to ask some questions which may be random or really important, from the directions to the nearest place to a real job consulting. Studio Progetto is very warm, but not because it’s around 36’C outside, but because they always greet you with a smile and helpful advice.



When I first arrived to Valdagno, a small beautiful town in Veneto region on the North of Italy, I’ve been amazed with quiet and comfortable atmosphere, that makes you feel like you are home already.

It takes time to adapt and restore your motivation if you’re not ready to basically contribute all of yourself to this life and this little town, that looks like it came off the fairy tale books. Most likely, if you’re here for any other reasons, besides the project itself, there’s nothing to do for you here. If you are tired of your big city and you are looking for self-development, really motivated to work and help with everything you’ve got, then it’s the right place.

To me, it was a perfect opportunity to separate myself from the life I had before, to learn something new, to breathe out and take some time for me, to understand what I really want in life and dive in into this slow and peaceful bubble, re-evaluate and re-charge. I didn’t choose the country or the town, it was the project that had caught my eye, and let me tell you, it was one of those decisions that you know will flip over your life c.o.m.p.l.e.t.e.l.y.



In Studio Progetto, in the following two months, I had a unique opportunity  to work with one of the greatest teams I’ve ever encountered in my three years long youth work experience. The way the coordinator, mentor, even the president of the organization treats volunteers is just pure. I’ve never been praised for my job, I’ve never even heard a simple “thank you” for something that I did in my former organization, here, people respect each other and every day in the office is just pure amazing.






I go home every evening with a sense of purpose, with a sense of satisfaction of what I did and how it meet mine and theirs expectations. I know that when I will need help or support, I will get it and it keeps me going every day more and more. Of course, not everything is milk and honey, but in the reality I’m in today, this is exactly what I wanted and this is exactly what I needed, even though it’s way beyond my expectations before I came here.







In two months I’ve managed to learn some very basic, but very useful expressions in Italian, even though I’m still waiting for my language course to start. I’ve met some very nice people, including the former volunteers, I’ve managed to go on a small adventure in Toscana, to participate in youth exchange organized by Progetto’s team, see Vicenza and Verona. I’m very excited to acknowledge that there’s still so much more to learn and see, to dive in into learning Italian language, to participate in English language club and help out with yet another two international projects. Another six months ahead, but I’ve already “tasted” Italy from the different aspects and by far, I can say that it is breath-taking, and it is a unique country with unique culture and beautiful kind people. Yet, of course I miss my little Moldova and I would be happy to comeback, while I’m here, every day is a new experience and every day is a bliss.