We are looking for two Moldovan volunteers to Braila, Romania for a long-term project named „Addicted to freedom“!

Duration: 9 month (March – November 2019)
Place: Braila, Romania

About the organization: 

ANMRF LOUIS PASTEUR Club VOLTIN Braila is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-party affiliated organization established in 2000. One of the strategic objectives of ANMRF Braila is to develop projects with and for youth. ANMRF Club Voltin Braila works with a team of competent people, well-trained in youth project management.

About the participant:

It is not obligatory to be professional in any particular field. We’re awaiting for active participation from your side, patience and positive way of thoughts; we need volunteers ready to help and support other young people.

About the project:

Objective 1: Developing social, personal, civic and life skills for project beneficiaries, 70 minors in custody of the Detention Center, Tichileşti, Braila and 6 volunteers for a 9 month period stage.

Objective 2: The endowment of 200 young people from Braila county (project beneficiaries aged 11-25 years) with specific abilities to organize and experimentally develop actionsto prevent and combat risk factors in order to reduce the number of young people in situations leading to marginalization and social exclusion: deviants, delinquents, institutionalized and post-institutionalized young people, young drug users.

Objective 3: Promoting European Solidarity Corps through volunteering and non-formal education in order to increase the quality of life and assimilate the values of the young citizens of the European Union – tolerance, solidarity, acceptance of diversity, active participation for 200 young people from Braila  (beneficiaries of the project aged 11 – 25 years).

In order to accomplish these goals, we will offer volunteers: language training in Romanian, non-formal education training, photography, journalism, PC, communication, project writing, conflict mediation and negotiation, book writing.

Food and accommodation:

Participants will live in an apartment with 4 rooms, with full equipped kitchen, air conditioner, central heating system, tv, cable, Internet. Food will be prepared by yourself, or by other volunteers, up to the schedule, that we will make after your arrival. You will be responsible for cleaning the house: your room, kitchen, stairs, etc., depends on the schedule and the territory of your responsibility.

Interested candidates are asked to send their CV and Motivation letter to advit_team@yahoo.com with the subject “Volunteering in Braila”

 Deadline for application: 10/03/2019