We are looking for Moldovan people to participate on the project Youth Exchange “EMOJI! EMOtional Intelligence as facilitator of intercultural dialogue” in Italy!

Date:  15th – 23rd of July, 2019
Project venue: Trento, Italy

Trento is the capital city of the autonomous province of Trentino Alto-Adige, situated in North Italy. The city is a major educational, scientific and political centre with sheltering the University of Trento which is ranked among the best universities in Italy and in Europe. Having the advantage of being a university city, Trento enjoys a number of student oriented cultural activities also at an international level. Trento is well-connected to the neighbouring cities through railway, among others, Verona in about one hour and Bolzano in 40 minutes. Some lakes can be reached in about 1,5 hours from Trento, like Caldonazzo or Garda Lake. The city has a picturesque Medieval and Renaissance historic centre, with typical ancient buildings and touristic attraction points such as the Trento Cathedral and the Castello del Buonconsiglio. The city often ranks highly among Italian cities for quality of life, standard of living, and business and job opportunities. Trento is also one of the nation’s wealthiest and most prosperous cities, with its province being one of the richest in Italy.

 Why to take part in this Youth Exchange?

  1. Emotional intelligence brings you to a higher life satisfaction – as you have a better understanding of yourself you make consious decisions that leads to self-actualization.
  1. Emotional intelligence increases your academic achievements and employability potential, you become more job-competitive Emotional intelligence is nowadays recognized by some employers same important as IQ;
  1. Emotional intelligence helps you to understand and control your own emotions and better understand the emotions of others;
  1. Emotional intelligence makes you more self-aware, but also more empatic and tolerant to the other people;
  1. Emotional intelligence helps your social skills, makes you a better leader and more stress-resistent;

About the project:

Why did we decide to cover the theme of emotional intelligence? Because empathy is typically associated with emotional intelligence as it is related to an individual connecting personal experiences with experiences of the others. At the same time, nowadays the psycologists emphasize strong connection between the emotional intelligence and your employability – studies have proven that people with higher EI have greater mental health, job performance and leadership skills.


The hosting structure is located in Villazzano, beautiful suburb of Trento situated up the hill, thus disposing a beautiful panoramic view on the city of Trento and the mountains around. This hosting structure is situated in a nice safe area, that disposes a supermarket, a pharmacy and all the necessary in case of emergency places, on a walking distance from the house where the participants are hosted. The structure has 2 meeting rooms, a big spacious park outside with a soccer field, that during the summer we might be extensively using for the energeziers and maybe even some of the other planned activities. It has spacious kitchen and a dining room that can host at the same time over 35 people with all the necessary facilities for cooking and organizing meals. The house disposes rooms for 2, 4 and 6 people, each with private bathroom.

Interested candidates are asked to send their CV and Motivation letter to advit_team@yahoo.com with the subject “Youth Exchange in Italy!”

Deadline for application: 05/05/2019