“On 13-18 of July, I have had the opportunity to represent Advit on an Erasmus+ Contact Making Seminar (CMS) organized in the small and green village of Kopaniec, Poland.

     The project gathered 30 youth workers from approximately 20 countries, each participant representing his own organization and country. The main idea of the seminar was to create space where we can find new partner organizations with similar spheres of work and meet people with alike approaches and vibes so that we can collaborate and make projects together in the future. 

The seminar was extremely useful and empowering for me particularly because it had such a wide age range. There were people from 18 to 60+ years old and that was the charm of our seminar: Everybody carried a completely different baggage of experience, therefore everybody had something to learn from everybody.
I was impressed with how active all of the participants are in their communities, or their abilities to multitask, most of them perfectly managing to run their own business, be involved in an NGO and spend time with their families at the same time.

     Regarding our time spent there, each day was packed with activities that were meant for us to get to know each other better and make lasting connections that we will be able to use later on.
One of my favorite activities of all was a small football championship that was organized for us and the locals altogether. We were split into four groups, had local children and adults among us and the game was an amazing way to get to know the local community and strengthen the relations between us as a team.

     In my opinion, it is projects like these that leave a strong mark on somebody’s life because of the memories you make, the activities that stick with you for a long time and last but not least: the amazing people you get to meet, get to know and, hopefully, work with in the future.”

Madalina Tricolici