GEA – Gender Equality Awareness

  ”GEA – Gender Equality Awareness” is a project that took place in Trento, Italy (21-28 September 2019). it is based on a continue process of learning, dissemination and perceptions of information, facts, and experiences about Gender Equality topic in our communities, countries. This main goal was achieved due to non-formal education, intercultural exchange, and, of course, because of every emotion that we lived together.
So, in this YE were involved three teams from: Italy, Norway, Moldova and also I want to mention our beautiful project manager, Francesca who did her best for making our trip a real Erasmus+ fairytale. Energizers, conference, workshops, team-building games (cooking), survey, flash mob, free time, pizza these are just some examples of great combination for real impact.
Namely, we really want to underline that this project has three-dimensional impact:

  • Firstly on participants, their family, friends,
  • On local community from Trento through our flash mob, and survey about Gender Equality topic in this region of Italy, and for sure,
  • Handbook is really a great idea that can help to develop and create fantastic Erasmus+ projects based on previous experiences of each of us.