It was a great challenge. About two weeks spent learning together, 8 countries, 40 participants. Hospitable Armenian, awesome Armenia and unpredictable Dilijan’s weather. Tomorrow it is going to be finished. Two days left and so many emotions. I remember the very first meeting under the Big Clocks in Yerewen’s Republic Square. Almost strange people gathered to do great things even to improve our digital competencies and to have an intercultural exchange. And now I can say, we did it. Every day we learned new digital tool as Google AdWords & Analytics, Buzzsumo & Hotjar, Simplu Measured & SimilarWeb,  Keyword planner & Hotsuite, Facebook Ad Manager & Chattbot, Canva, Photo shooting & video making.

It was learned during simulator tasks, discussion and exchange of experience. It would be amost impossible to do it by myself. Besides this we have developed our own product using three random things and wrote a business plan step by step completing Canvas model. We were learning about all day, but It was so excited, I didn’t even realize how much I’m going to bring with me in my daily life. But the Youth Exchange was not only about knowledges. It was about people and intercultural communication.

Cultural evenings got the  chance to present yourself and to have a short idea about others. We have dances ukrainian “Ruceiok” and moldawian “Hora”, tasted armenian pomegranate wine and portuguese yolk dessert, learned spanish way to cheer, german humor and france landscape. We have even cooked georgian “Khinkali&” and armenia weeding sweet “Gata”. And that is not all! We had a study visit to “Dilijan Community Center”, discovered Dilijan and local people, visited saint monasteries Haghartsin and Goshavang. Even that is not all that we did during the Youth Exchange. Thank you organisators for this great opportunity and
unforgettable experience.