Super ESC in Finland

Vanhamäki is an activity centre in Suonenjoki, which is a small rural town of some 7 500 inhabitants, situated in the central Finland. Vanhamäki provides different kinds of activities for visitors and it also runs organic farm, horse stables and a foster home. The centre produces organic berries and vegetables and the products are also sold in the little shop.  Vanhamäki also has a lunch restaurant, serving 100-200 clients every weekday. It is very famous for its food, using organic and local ingredients as much as possible.

·         Volunteering period: 1.4.–30.11.2020 (8 months)

·         Number of volunteers: 3

·         Location: Vanhamäki is sitatated in Suonenjoki, in the countryside surroundings, by a lake.

·         Volunteer’s role, tasks and requirements: Volunteering tasks vary according to the season: in the summer time the volunteers work more in Vanhamäki and in the autumn and spring there is more cooperation with other local organizations, such as local folk academy, association of unemployed people and a school. At Vanhamäki the volunteers assist in different kinds of tasks, both outdoors and indoors. They take part in organic farming and maintenance work of the park area. Volunteers also assist in planning and carrying out events in Vanhamäki according to their skills and interests. The volunteers can also carry out tasks in the office and kitchen, as well as at the horse stables of the activity centre. It is important that the volunteer enjoys both practical and social work tasks. It is good to have an interest in organic farming and nature.

·         Accommodation: The volunteers are accommodated in the Vanhamäki centre in a single room, shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Volunteers are provided with breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and dinner in the restaurant of Vanhamäki.

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·         Deadline for applying: the 26th of January, 2020

Apply by sending us your CV and Motivation letter (with the subject of your email as “ESC Finland”) by 31st of January on