• Organisation: Kreisjugendwerk der AWO Karlsruhe-Stadt
  • Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Deadline for application: September 21st 2019
  • Start of project: 01/02/2020
  • End of project: 31/01/2021


The Kreisjugendwerk (KJW) of the AWO Karlsruhe-Stadt is a nonprofit children’s and youth organization in Karlsruhe. As an independent youth foundation, the KJW organizes different activities and summer camps for children and young people between the ages of 6 and 20 years, non-formal education and workshops, as well as intercultural encounters and projects for young people and young adults between 15 and 30 years of age. One focus of our work is participation and personal development. Our activities are also offered to children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and to young people with a migration background. In all school holidays in Germany we provide camps for children and youngsters in Germany and several European countries, such as France, Spain, Croatia, Switzerland
and a lot more…


Since 2014 KJW is sending, coordinating and receiving organization within Erasmus+ /EVS program. The KJW is however not new to the concept of volunteer work. We work together with two German volunteers working in our office and lots of volunteers preparing and carrying out our camps. Two years ago we felt the time was right for joining the EVS. We are sending approximately 10-15 volunteers each year two several European countries and receive and coordinate about 9 or 10 volunteers in Germany. The KJW office is located in the city center of Karlsruhe. Karlsruhe is located in the south of Germany and has 300.000 inhabitants. It’s a city with lots of young people and a lot of bars, cultural institutions, and beautiful nature around.


The Volunteer will live in a house together with 6 European volunteers, all working in different projects. We have 6 rooms but 7 volunteers in the house. Therefore, always two volunteers have to share one room. We introduced a system so everybody has to share a room for 3 or 4 month and afterwards someone else shares the room and you can have a single room again. The house has a big kitchen, two lounge rooms, one bathroom and one separate toilet, a balcony and a court, which they need to share. The house is located in Stutensee, which is a suburb of Karlsruhe. It takes 20 minutes with the tram to the city center and to the office.


  • The volunteer will be involved in the everyday work at the KJW office, in planning and organizing it ́s activities. One part will be the organization of the European Solidarity Corps, the other to prepare the holiday camps. Therefore, it is mostly administrative tasks, so most of the year you will be in the office working on a computer, helping your colleagues and preparing events, activities etc. Only in summer holidays (up to 6 weeks), you will be on camps in Germany and eventually other European countries.
  • The volunteer will help with press work, info events and Facebook activities
  • Support the Pre-Departure and Come-Back Seminars for the volunteers
  • Communication with ESC candidates who want to go abroad and provide them support, data processing
  • You will also prepare each week newsletter with new ESC opportunities
  • Collecting applications from candidates who want to be volunteers in Karlsruhe, data processing
  • The volunteer has the possibility to take part in a training course for becoming a leader in children and youth camps
  • Preparing children and youth camps: administrative tasks, working with our online platform, data processing
  • Participate in our camps: in the school holidays (around 6 weeks in summer)
  • The volunteer will have the possibility to create her/him own project within the frames of the KJW. A mentor will provide support and guidance.
  • Participate in our youth club and organize events there
  • Participate in and organize events in our intercultural group “Living Culture” together with the other European volunteers, such as a Spanish party, a Latvian dinner or hiking in the Black Forest.
  • Distributing Flyers, catalogues about our activities in Karlsruhe and surrounding
  • Cleaning kitchen/cleaning and keeping order in office and our storage/youth club/…


  • At least 18 years old
  • Driver’s license
  • Good knowledge of English (understanding, speaking, writing, reading)
  • Knowledge of administrative work (computer) and interest in working in an office!!


Send your CV and Motivation letter to our email – with the name of the project


For any questions or clarification feel free to contact us