Volunteering in a nursing home in Bolzano, Italy

We are looking for 2 moldovan girls for a volunteering project in Bolzano-Bozen, Italy.   DURATION: 01/05/2019 to 30/04/2020   PROJECT DESCRIPTION For the first deadline of ESC 2018 InCo has started to look for 2 future volunteers from for our partner organisation ASSB, based in Bolzano. ASSB manages several nursing homes. The service starts in February 2019 for 1 year. Proposed Activities: Volunteers will collaborate with the staff of nursing homes mainly with recreational and entertainment activities planned for the elderly. In…

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Volunteering with children in Italy

We are looking for moldovan volunteers for a project in Bolzano-Bozen, Italy.   Duration: 01/05/2019 to 31/03/2020   PROJECT DESCRIPTION VKE is an association of volunteers, founded in Bolzano in 1974 by a group of parents, who wanted to dedicate themselves to emphasizing children’s and young people’s right to play and creating playing areas for them, but also to the improvement of children’s life quality, as well as that of the youth and their families in general. The main activities of VKE are:…

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Visiting regional social center «Renasterea»

On 15th of November, the Regional social center «Renasterea» for people living with HIV together with ADVIT Europa Fara Frontiere organized a meeting for EVS volunteers to inform them about the HIV/AIDS prevention, causes and the importance of getting tested. The meeting started with a presentation about the statistics of people with HIV/AIDS in Republic of Moldova. The statistic shows that in Moldova we have more than 10.000 persons infected with HIV/AIDS, 300 of them are children. Every year 300…

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“Roads” Exercise

Roads Exercise To show how the Intercultural dimension is related to the capacity of dealing with a complex and interactive situation and emotions. To develop negotiation skills, decision-making skills, to become aware of cultural/personal perception of reality. Description of the tool In four groups distribute the description of the communities to each group (see download). Each group can ask one question after a period of reflection. Answer by reading the rules. RULES: This game is about building roads.You can only…

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